Cadillac STS interior/alluminum

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SmilinGoat, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. to me this is very disapointing, it looks alright, but there is just too much and it makes it bland, expecailly without the nav screen.

    black would be better too. but either way disapointing.
  2. I don't mind the alumin(i)um, but it still looks odd beacuse there are 3 different-color materials fighting for space on the dash. I'd say 2 is ideal.
  3. the black was more sober i agree with smiling goat.
  4. Wood is available.
  5. almost looks Audi-ish. I will agree with 426, too.
  6. I think the real problem here is the camel skin color.
  7. Barf. Needs to be black, or something. Or less boring.
  8. Heaven forbid anyone use more than one material on their dashboard...

  9. I think it actually looks real nice. My mother and father have basically the same interiors on their cars except my moms V70R has tha alluminum and I think its so much nicer actually.
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    The design dosnt look too great. Nor does the aluminum with that color. Maybe with black. Also I odnt know how much I like the black in the middle. I guess Ill stay away from those choices. I like the wood trim-
  11. that trim is awesome.
  12. I think it looks ok however i like the wood trim more.

    Also i think the aluminum trim would look better on dark interiored sts.
  13. actually now that i saw where he got the pics it looks more like its the angle and the poor resizing of the pictures..

  14. That dosnt look too bad.
  15. it needs a screen there to make it look a lot better. The interior looks small to me?

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