Camera Thread IV

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, May 3, 2011.

  1. Some shots I took with a friend's Hasselblad Xpan. Very fun camera. He managed to mess up my M4's shutter though (ribbon probably broke), so I'll have to send it out to get repaired. I guess I'll be using my Contaflex or my Canon SLRs, since I don't have any screwmount lenses for my IIIC at the moment.
  2. I got these today.
  3. It has been quiet in this thread. Two photos taken while I was sailing with friends yesterday.

  4. excellent
  5. lulz

    oh yeah, camera's are the biggest pussy magnets ever. jesus christ.
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  7. 2.7x sensor? fk that
  8. get a lightmeter, too dark!
  9. Who was hatin on fisheye? smh

    (contacts are darker than should be)
  10. lol the contact sheet is overexposed.
  11. Sucks. I know the feeling. On site content aware erasing of undesired objects would be welcome.

    I was on the last trackday for this summer, good weather, if a bit chilli @ +12C. I had enough fun to just ride and shot only a few shots on one of the 40min brakes we have between turns.
  12. Shooting a classic rally in the Netherland must be a hard job ...

    That's a really nice one btw
  14. I #$%#ing love the xpan
  15. God I can't wait until I get a motorcycle.
  16. I've been thinking about getting one as a travel camera in the last couple of weeks, but I don't really know how often I'd use the pano format which makes it a little pointless.
  17. middle one is a 90s album cover
  18. What's this? special edition or some bodykit?
  19. aaargh WHAT THE #$%#

    my thumbs keep changing into photos they're not

  20. Apparently posting and uploading images at the same time no longer works. I took these crappy shots with my MF format camera to check that it works ok. My initial impressions are that there's not much point to it if you already own a FF DSLR with 20+MP. 5 or so years ago it would have still been worth it. I took some shots of the city at night that haven't been developed yet, hopefully they're more insteresting.
  21. looks more like you #$%#ed up your exposures and/or your lab is so-so and/or your colour balance in your scans is hmmmm
  22. None of which has any effect on detail.

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