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  1. sure it might be inferiour, but at least we would get to stimulate our industry with all of that tax money and gain some sort of knowledge from it, maybe even create some new industry for the support of these.

    do it ourselves rather than have you do it for us, so at least we can say we did it.
  2. no dont worry your pretty litle heads about things like that
    we'll take care of you
    you should also buy our american design ducts
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  4. ^not at all. its some self absorbed student's attempt for attention into something he doesnt understand.

    The majority of canadians that are happy right now, don't make videos about it.
  5. what video, did you even click the link ?.. .why are you so annoying all the time?
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  7. I didn't just say that, you slovenly slav.

    Why don't you go eat some smoked pork and have a war with croatia?
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  9. how many fighter jets do we need for a war?
  10. This is pretty much my position as well. I don't see why we need to upgrade to the latest and greatest stealth fighter jet. And what are we going to do with fighter jets in the arctic, go to war with Russia for oil?

    There's just no need, security wise, to bother with something like this. The only good reason to buy fighter jets is for political reasons, but I still don't see why it would, politically, be a good way to burn billions of dollars.

    I'm just against spending money on useless crap in general (gun registry, Afghanistan, etc), where's the party that represents that?
  11. That party doesn't exist.
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  13. All of them.
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    The expensive F-35s Canada is buying aren't even going to have engines. That's extra. Oh, and buying F-35s means we're not getting search and rescue planes, we're using the F-35s for that too, despite way higher cost per rescue.

    The DND documents, which outline answers to questions about the F-35, also note that the stealth fighter could be used in a secondary role for search-and-rescue.

    During the tour, the issue of whether the F-35 could contribute to search and rescue (SAR) missions also came up. “Fighter aircraft (are) not a primary SAR asset, but can play a secondary role — and would,” the documents state.

    But Steve Staples, a vocal critic of the F-35 purchase, calls that claim ludicrous.

    He said the billions of dollars earmarked for the fighter jets have helped delay other more important projects such as the air force’s much-delayed plan to buy fixed wing search and rescue planes.

    “The concern here is that the F-35 eats everybody’s else’s lunch and there will be no money left,” said Staples, president of the Rideau Institute. “The search and rescue aircraft are a casualty, so instead we’ll get some supersonic stealth fighter trying to find hikers lost in the woods.”


    “Engines are provided as gov’t furnished equipment,” noted the documents.

    The term “government furnished equipment” signifies that the engines are being provided separately by Canada.

    It is unclear how much extra the engines will cost or whether there would be additional costs for installing the power plants into the fighters.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has labelled the F-35 as a good deal for Canada and notes that the aircraft will cost around $75 million per plane.

    The Conservatives say the entire purchase will cost around $14 billion but a report from Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page puts the number at $29 billion.

    The Government Accountability Office, the U.S government’s equivalent of the auditor general, has also warned about serious ongoing problems with the aircraft and rising costs. Mike Sullivan, a senior official with the Government Accountability Office, estimates that the F-35 model that Canada is buying will cost between $110 to $115 million.

    U.S. defence specialist Winslow Wheeler, who has also raised concerns about the F-35, has warned that the extra cost of an engine could boost the price of an aircraft for Canada to around $148 million.

    “If Canada’s government can get an F-35 for the mid-70 million dollars per airplane, well they should sign a contract right now and get it delivered,” said Wheeler, an analyst with the Center for Defense Information in Washington. “Because I can promise you nobody on this earth will ever get a flying F-35 for $75 million per copy. It’s pure fantasy.”
  15. Hoboman, ur a nerd
  16. no he's informed is what he is you failtroll. I'm with Timmy+Maserati on this one. do any of you have any opinions on natural gas hydraulic fracturing? apparently Mooncor has bought at least 23,000 acres of land in Ontario to start fracking here. it's just a super primitive, dirty way of getting natural gas. the US already has massive problems because of natural gas wells contaminating air/water. don't want that here or anywhere for that matter.
  17. We don't need F35s we've been over this already
  18. He's a nerd, and ur an idealist.
  19. i want f35
  20. I like your style, Airman.
  21. timmy too busy being a gypsy and pickpocketing people to understand
  22. In my ideal world, we would have one big #$%#ing jet that could go 'round the globe on a single tank and outsmart every other jets.

  23. you high son
  24. lol pew pew, we have crappy fighter jets, lets hire a bunch of wheelmen to wash them all day and lets never use them! pew pew
  25. Livin' the dream

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