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  1. First is two bike design, next is my concept for the next Zonda, accompanied by an initial profile sketch.
  2. innotech will love teh zonda but its a bit busy for me.

    excellent drawings though.
  3. Yeah, the intent with the Zonda was to be absolutely over the top, which is kind of what the original Zonda was.
  4. Drew this up last night, finally a different perspective!
  5. Nice drawings, I like the bikes quite alot. The Zonda... not so much...
  6. I really like the general drawing style. Some of the perspective needs a bit cleaning up, but generally your sketches are pretty charming, you can tell you you've put effort into it. I completely love the Zonda. Awesome awesome. The side sketch of it isn't that good, but the first sketch of it is nice on a major scale. The bikes are nicely detailed, but bikes never really did it for me unless they were really dramatic or radically different, so I can't say I like those all that much. The perspective (at least the wheels) on the last sketch needs a bit of work, but the general design is great. However, I think you should stick more with the completely over-the-top style, it might not seduce as many people, but it'll get them thinking and expressing opinion more freely than more bland designs.

    Seeing these just convinced me even more that I really need to learn how to draw in 3-d.
  7. I see some 246 Dino and some Enzo influence? Right?
  8. I was going to say P4/5
  9. Bingo, that last design is for a new Dino, no real Enzo influence, but I'm glad it's got Ferrari written all over it. The front wheels are turned, in case thats why they seem out of perspective.
  10. You drew a Ducati
  11. Glad someone picked out the trellis frame! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  12. Interesting, I wouldn't really consider these buyable vehicles but they're perfect for movies.
  13. The bike drawing looks nice.
  14. The bike looks kinda cool, allthough it's very high
  15. the Zonda is beast.
  16. now i wanna do thaaat !!!!
  17. Yes, the bike looks awesome, and wow at your drawing skills even though I don't like the Zonda "X" design.
  18. just looking at the bike i can see some ducati in the frame and lights, some mv agusta in the seat and pillion seat, some generic jap bike fairing work, mix between a ninja and gsxr and theres some buell going on with the exhaust, but over all the bike looks very MV Agusta. IN fact its written all over it

    As for the car, from the windscreen back its unmistakeable ferrari but the front is a bit confused, like a f430 bred with an early elise. Actualy the car really looks like a 355 had sex with the first elise. As i said, its a bit confused, but still very nice.

    I like your drawing style, but you need to clean up and simplyfy the drawings, they are too fussy.

    But very ver good all the same,+1
  19. Revisited the first bike design. Even busier now. Also threw in an inked version of the Zonda. I haven't drawn anything new since.
  20. probably should have also mentioned that you need something original, youve just added kawasaki style fairings and kawasaki/yamaha headlights
  21. WTF do you cosider "original", if not this?
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    To be honest I tried well over 30 different head light styles, erasing them all before I decided on these, and I'm still not too fond of them. The whole thing was drawn from scratch, and due to the need for the bike to remain feasible and conventional I couldn't deviate from the standard nearly as much as with the Zonda.

    my current project is a little different:
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    Alright, so that's weird.
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    Crazy but cool.

    Keep it up man.

    Any other pieces to share? (car or otherwise)

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