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  1. A seat or skoda is almost always worth getting over its VW equivalent. +1
  2. Why? Most of the time they are slightly worse and more plasticy inside.

    I do prefer the Yeti to the Tiguan though, on looks alone. But I don't think there is any price difference here.
  3. To me Skodas and VWs feel exactly the same inside except Seats have slightly uglier steering wheels.
  4. Inferior is nice on this one

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  5. I would say minimally functional. Way to many hard touch plastics also.
  6. That's a peppy little machine. We had some fun on wet roads in Northern Norway with that. Would be my choice also.
  7. They're close enough to the same car that it makes no difference to the average person (i.e. not a "car guy"), especially if they can save £2k on a £12k car.

    The way I see it is that by choosing a Fabia over a Polo you could essentially get a 17% discount just by walking into a Skoda showroom. The deal looks more appealing if you're considering a finance package (which as I've seen, many people of the parget* market for this kind of car do).

    A £2k reduction not only means a buyer would pay less interest overall as they're borrowing a smaller amount, but the monthly payments could be ~£60-80 less per month dependant on their circumstances. To a young family that could pay for their electricity bill, or they could put up to a grand a year away for their child. They could also opt to pay the same each month and use the front-end saving for something else like home improvement, put it on the mortgage, start a trust fund etc. it may sound like I'm going too deep here but this is genuinely what I've heard people talking about when I was selling cars. -You- may think £2k is lunch money but it takes some people years to save that much.

    A car being "slightly worse" and "more plasticy inside" could pale almost into insignificance when you consider the bigger picture and the sorts of people these cars are largely aimed at.

    EDIT: *target
  8. Burner thinks he works for Autocar.
  9. A friend of mine has a diesel FR 3dr. I really like it.
  10. Those people should work harder.

    I think the Seat and Skoda 'GTI' versions are a little more powerful than the VW equivalents aren't they?

    Also, apparently in Australia, the Nav screen is better on the Skoda than it is on the VW (7 inch vs 8 inch or something).
  11. "flippant, irrelevant statement"

    "off-topic remblings about performance models"

    "trivial statement about market-specific equipment, addressing none of the points raised in the quoted post"

    Great discussion, Tim. We should do this more often. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  12. When have I ever been on topic?
  13. I guess it's my fault for expecting too much
  14. No, I think you just want a boring on topic conversation. Live a little. Next Sunday instead of going to Toby Carvery, why don't you go crazy and get a Peri Peri at Nandos?
  15. It's a shame you won't be able to come with me to Nandos. I know your Sundays are reserved for throwing countless shrimps on the barbie, then drinking enough VB until you can bring yourself to beat up your girlfriend.
  16. Because domestic violence is funny?
  17. Because national stereotypes are funny; at least according to you.
  18. I didn't know Nandos was English. I think you need to apologise to everyone here about your inappropriate joke.
  19. I don't need an apology, I found it mildly amusing.
  20. I'm considering a 500 Abarth. Like this one!

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  21. speaking of working harder why arent you buying something better than a piece of crap
  22. I kind of am too. Slightly used because they seem to lose 90% of their value driving out the door.
    Dunno if I want something even less practical than my Mini, though...
  23. Too much passion. Electronics will go up in flames.
  24. They should all work even harder so they could buy Rolls-Royces

    Seriously in what sort of repressive business-nazi environment were you raised in to end up with core values like that?
  25. I really want one as well. though I'm fairly certain my mother will be buying the convertible version.

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