Chevrolet Camaro Concept Video

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by matty_bou, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. huh, im starting to like a it a lot. i think i like the challenger more though.
  2. its dman hot but I sitll like hte Stang more.
  3. Actually, that looks pretty sweet. I like it. I can't imagine that they'd put the LS7 in it though.
  4. That is SO sexy! It'll be unveiled sometime in the next 3 days.
  5. I like what I see.
  6. its kinda ugly imo. Just the grill and the rear, the rest looks good.
  7. Challenger & Mustang look alot better, & more true to their musclecar roots.
  8. i personally like the more modern design. the tail lights and something with the front are what bothers me, i like it more than the stang, but less than the challenger.
  9. This thing looks more badass then the mustang.
  10. its very nice, but remember its a concept. it'll be watered down atleast 20%-30% for the production version..
  11. When I see this, from the outside at least, it looks as if it could be just about production ready now. Sure the wheels will be smaller and a few details will be toned down, but I don't think it's gonna change from this too much.
  12. Awesome, but the Challenger looks better.
  13. That is f-ing hot!
  14. They took the video down. Sucks for all you that haven't seen it.
  15. probably an embargoed vid, but it was good while it lasted.
  16. i need to see the pictures/video they are all down
  17. im goona have to buy one. GMI has lots of pics. When it hits the streets Im sure it wont look so much like a concept.
  18. This is awesome, looks better than the Mustang imo. The challenger is just as good though, imo.
  19. fellas, copy and paste into your browser of choice...


  20. You are the man, thanks.
  21. They are putting the LS2 into it.
  22. People familiar with me know that, I am not a big fan of American cars. Infact I generally dont like them. I really thought GM's attempts to bring back these retro styled cars were a hit and miss affair. Until this!!

    OMFG this car looks absolutely fantastic. Cars cant look any more American than this and for that, it will sell extremely well if they made this car. Ford's attempt with the Mustang was "interesting", that Dodge Challenger, I thought, WTF. But I am all over this one!
  23. AWESOME.
  24. modern, but still pretty cool

    i hope they dont go crazy and make it have up to 500hp and make it even with the Corvette. My hopes would be 300hp base and an SS or Z28 with 400hp

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