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I leik this thread;

  1. Boobs

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  2. Balls

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  3. Butt

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  1. Indeed. They should just do mundane things like taste test wine or suffer teenage angst.
  2. something where it matters if a punch gets thrown or if a gun goes off
    whats the point of a 15 minute fight scene with two guys who are essentially invincible (wolverine vs sabretooth in whatever shitty movie that was)
    oh yeah throw him through a wall
    *concrete wall crumbles*
    the guys jacket isnt even ripped

    these guys, and their clothes, are more resistant to damage then concrete.
    im checked out. there is no danger
  3. I'd watch a Batman wine tasting movie

    Feat. Wheelman as the villain
  4. This, and it's all so unimaginative.

    "I'm the amazing Squid-Man, offspring of the mighty Ctulhu and I can destroy the world with my supreme brainwaves!" .......... *proceeds to punch the other guy just like 50 000 drunk chavs are punching someone at that same exact moment*

    I'm going to assume that there are at least 25 major superheroes in Marvel and DC comics. The way this superhero movie trend seems to go is that they just arrange them in slightly different patterns (Spider-Man vs. Velociraptor vs. Ass-Man). That gives us a minimum of 25!=15511210043330985984000000 movies, even before we get to the sequels.

    Why not make a movie about someone who's sole superpower is shooting flowers out of his butt? "The Amazing Flowerectum showed his skills at a funeral and triggered everyone".
  5. You're just jelly

  6. Those "pussy hats" look ridiculous. Whenever I see them I feel like it's a bunch anime fans even though it's a bunch of white women that wear them.
  7. The point of superhero movies is to entertain and bring back glimpses of childhood. Not to make you fall into deep meaningful though about life. They aren't supposed to blow you away with meaningfulness. They are purely meant to allow you to escape from boring mundane adulthood.
    Don't watch one expected a life changing event. Just watch one to turn your brain off and enjoy some hot bitches in tights and some explosions.
    You are all looking way to deep into it.

    You want to watch wolverine because when you were a kid you would pretend to be him, and think about how bad ass it would be to be him. That is all.
  8. I thought I watched it because the violence gave me an erection.
  9. LOL silly hippies. They say they're equal to men but need them to pay for their vagina exams and birth control.
  10. Well yes. Of course. I just didn't want to trigger anybody
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  11. I went from 32c to -2c within a day. Fucking hell it's cold here.
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  12. Indeed. It was like 72 freedom degrees yesterday here in Texas and now it's 52.
  13. i watch stupid spy or SPECOPS TACTICAL movies for that
    i watched the movie that the navy made
    im not proud of it and wouldnt recommend it to anybody except for maybe you eigil and etb

    i watched 1st jack ryan movie
    in theaters :(

    i watched sicario like 3 times (2 times half watching). great movie, "shootout" in the bridge traffic is like my favorite thing
  14. Movie the Navy made?
    Yes Sicario was good and that shootout was in tents.
  15. act of valor i think
    bad movie
  16. Did you mean Jack Reacher? Not a very good movie. The books are great though.

    I watched act of valor. Not great either. But entertaining.

    I haven't seen Sicario yet.
  17. NO
    shitty jack ryan
    extremely poor mans version of a bourne movie

    I was maybe too ashamed to admit that i watched jack reacher. in theaters. with a girl who i of course dragged

    the books are decent airplane books
    tom cruise was the absolute opposite person who should have been cast
  18. Oh shit. I forgot that movie even existed.
    I watched Jack Reacher in theater as well. I am 100% with you on the whole Tom Cruise thing. Jack Reacher is supposed to be 6'5" 250lbs of bad ass.
  19. Yeah those were all pretty terrible.
    Give me Zero Dark Thirty, Black Hawk Down, and Lone Survivor.
    Triple 9 was pretty good for cops and robbers.
    I watched Assassin's Creed. It was pretty good, especially for a video game movie.
  20. You know you're gonna have a good fucking day when it takes you 5min to get to your gate and TSA is friendly / making jokes
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  21. This movie looks as bad as Jack Reacher. JR was horrible from start to finish, thanks Air Canada
  22. I actually quite enjoyed triple 9. But I went in expected a big turd. So I would have been please try surprised if it was only a small turd. Turns out it was pretty good.
    Zero dark thirty was ok. Black hawk down is ok.
    I liked The hurt locker and jarhead. I liked tears of the sun too as well. Older movies. But they stand out a bit to me.
  23. Oh you want older?


  24. Oh my tits

    Are those real movies?
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  25. You bet your sweet ass they are.
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