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  1. I've always had the belief that I'd rather work two jobs I like than one job I hate. I've done it before and the 60+ hour work weeks with two jobs I liked were a lot less stressful than the 40 hours at the one job I hated.
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  2. i miss fordracing

    We used to talk on the phone for hours.
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  3. Got frustrated and called out a lazy co-worker today, within earshot of my boss. Be interesting to see how it plays out Monday.
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  4. Just signed off a new-starter at work. She bought me a present.

    90 Nespresso pods. I'm genuinely super pumped about it.
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  5. I love a bit of office drama.
  6. I have some office drama for you. Long story short:
    - Some poor business decisions were made.
    - Company is about to lose money in 2019, for the first time ever.
    - 15% got fired with no notice.
    - CEO got fired.
    - Owner is now CEO and he appointed some VPs.
    - VPs are the most incompetent managers we had.
    - Turns out they're the ones responsible for what happened with the CEO.
    - Now they're firing their enemies.

    It seriously feels like the second act of a Star Wars movie, when the dark forces take over and start killing all the Jedi.
    I don't think my job is at risk, but you never know. It's probably my last year here anyway.
  7. My office drama:

    My boss is very incompetent. He has no skills as a manager. He has been laid off as a manager on a different department and then we got him. To sum up a few things.

    - Temporary worker(blonde, big boobs you know the type) gets all the fun tasks
    - During performance review he won't talk about you, but he will gossip about other colleagues and how awesome he is.
    - He yells at you and threatens you if you disagree with his views
    - Pretty much all decisions he make will make the team less efficient
    - Makes a lot of promise, but doesn't make them come true
    - Bullies employees. I even heard one of my colleagues say, if it weren't for her children, she would've commited suicide.
    - Last meeting our department had was 5th of june 2018.

    We, as a team, have adressed this already to his manager. She took note of it, but nothing happened. This is happening for 4 years already.

    2 months ago we adressed this to the Works Counsil(google translate, i dont know what the english word is). They went to the CEO and the head of HR. They said they want an investigation. An investigation done by his manager. The manager who hasn't done anything about our manager for 4 years. Looks very much she's trying to sweep it under the rug and everything is gonna keep going the way it was.
  8. ..... working in an office sounds like arse.
  9. News flash: A coup (or de-coup) has been made and the new VPs are getting fired. Not sure what the hell is going on.
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  10. Yeah, seriously.

    We can swear as much as we want, give each other the finger, we listen to music and dance at work. There's so much dirty humour being thrown around... the QEC department sounds like a zoo during late shift because they use their whistles and special "mating calls" a lot.

    My foreman told me one day that this isn't a workshop but a large psychiatric institution for occupational therapy. None of the overhauled components or planes really fly, it's a closed loop where all the parts just go to another station where they are made grimy until they come to us again. The immediate bosses say things like that, and even the bigger bosses are really cool. People who are in charge of thousands of employees take the time to shake your hand and exchange some thoughts when they walk by.

    Most importantly, problems are taken care of, and there are working channels to submit requests and issues/solutions. I have spotted a couple of minor issues so far. One was fixed on the spot in autumn, and I made a request to fix something on Thursday. I got a scheduled meeting with one of the bigger bosses to solve the issue on Monday.

    This would never have happened at my previous job, in fact, I would have gotten in trouble for suggesting that there was a problem in the first place. Not that I would have paid any attention to such small problems because the whole organisation was basically on fire, one had to break laws and guidelines, and flush professional ethics down the toilet just to get through a normal day at work. It's just not my opinion, today the employee turnover rates there are massive. People who spent years to get a specific education to work with aircraft are leaving the company to get lower-paying jobs with cars/trains/other industry.

    Never will I ever work again in an organisation where big bosses are clueless, some middle-management twat does his best to imitate Berija, that's filled with toxic gossip and backstabbing bitches and where nothing works. Where most of your time is spent trying not to do or say something that could be taken out of context and used against you, or desperately trying to acquire missing parts/tools/technical documents instead of doing the work you were hired to do.

    Where do these people come from? The ones who seemingly work according to the WW2 OSS manual on how to sabotage an organisation's productivity (while being an absolute pack of C**TS on the top of that)? Why do they behave in such ways?
  11. Plot twist: I'm getting fired.
  12. Well that's shitty.
  13. Damn that sucks
  14. sucks man just goes to show you can't trust jews!
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  15. It's ok, I'm ready to move on, it's not a food place to be after this crisis, and I'll be getting some nice compensation.
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  16. Every cloud...
    When one door closes...
    Plenty of fish...

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  17. What is next
  18. Enjoying some time off and looking for a new job in product/project management.
  19. Good luck on that. Seemed like you were in a stressful place anyway. Your health is more important than a shitty job.
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  20. don't really see what the problem is just buy a congressman and have him write your company a specific tax break
  21. Yeah, like that's possible in Germany. Nobody can afford the F├╝hrer.
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  22. Nah just tax them more. That way they can't afford to go out more and create so much waste and pollution.

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