Damn Canada.

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    Bauer Industries, a Canadian company, fired all of it's employees in their Hildebran, NC factory on Friday with a statement of all employees had to be off the premises in 30 minutes with their belongings. While that statement was being given, locksmiths were already at the factory changing locks on doors and padlocking the building down. Employees who had the day off, only received notice from fellow co-workers about their termination and had to rush to the factory to get their personal belongings and tools.

    Bauer is also refusing to file unemployment insurance for those terminated.


    First they brought down two planes with their geese, now they fire our people from their plants. When will we fight back? We can't let the terrorists/Canadians win.
  2. Don't forget about that wicked cold spell when they sent their air down here for about a week last month and killed a bunch of old people.
  3. We need to free the shit out of those commies!
  4. Who needs USA.
  5. hahaha! pwned
  6. Canada is tired of your lazy shit thats why
  7. A. Source?
    B. How many employees?
    C. Another shitty thread from fordman.
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    A. www.wsoctv.com under the video headlines
    B. Less than 100 according to the company which is how they got out of having to inform the labor board.
    C. I love you man.
  9. suck our collective balls
  10. Haha, Canada is fUcking better than the states. I think we keep it more real here.
  12. Did Canada not learn what happens when you piss off a bunch of rednecks/Spyder757s?
  13. You guys aren't united as a nation like that anymore. Bush gets my respect for trying hard to unite America weather through plotting 911, killing afghans or destroying New Orleans with Katrina, his intent was national unity. Dude's genius.
  14. We are slowly and surely killing the American economy with our tactics.
  16. #$%# Canada?

    You realize that Nike owns Bauer now, right?
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  18. The elite sit around and drink beer squad? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  19. Yeah, we get stuck with more land, more resources and a more stable economy... DAAAAMN!
  21. And the French.
  22. Thats okay, you can have the latinos.
  23. At least they cut my grass, what do the French do for you?
  24. Im stuck with the French too, but Louisiana is a special case anyway.
    We are, however, all armed to the teeth.

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