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  1. well put

    those aren't speakers or somthing diguised?
  2. That screams just bring it jabroni.
  3. brand new too, dealer tags expire in two weeks so hes only had it that long.
  4. Haha, no. His car pulled 515rwhp on the dyno.
  5. and over 600 ft lbs at the wheels! SHAZAM!
  6. ...ok......its a Corvette with two NOS bottles.....
  7. He needed the big shot. Two bottles.
  8. And it got 515rwhp, and 600 ft lbs at the wheels.
  9. it shows

    Here's Tuan Le's car

    2000 Pearl Metallic Orange Corvette. MTI 408 Iron Block Stroker, built specifically for nitrous.
    NA Dyno = 450rwhp/457rwtq
    Nitrous Dyno 100-shot = 556rwhp/631rwtq
    Nitrous Dyno 250-shot = Run me and find out.

    So yeah i dont see what the hub bu is about on the black vette
  10. It is a C6 and it is only two weeks old
  11. Oh crap I thought it was a C5. Opps hahha
  12. Its a C6 and with ONLY nitrous its making over 500hp and 600lb/ft of torque at the wheels.

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