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Do you want to end the censorship?

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  1. I support freedom

  2. I'm an oppressive c^nt

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Kinda related to a few other threads...

    I would like to make a petition to the mods of this site to fix a pressing issue. The oppression of c^nt has gone too far! It's one of the most beautiful words of the English language and also one of the most useful,

    "You car salesmen are a pack of c^nts"!

    "Shut your cûnt gob you twat!"

    "Oi I met this well fit slag n she had a nang bod but a fokken growler innit and I didn't go down on her minge and I didn't wanna get her up the duff anyway so I shagged her in the bum but she'd had some cheeky nandos and got me knob and her c^nt right well shitted up"

    Please end the censorship today!
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  2. i think it is discriminatory to my british and aussie friends, where it is used as a term of endearment
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  3. I don't think the mods have a say in this. Maybe Vman but he's gone AWOL.
  4. So it's like real democracy then!
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  5. I already spoke out against censoring I think
  6. I don't think we do. In fact, we shouldn't.
  7. Back in the superbars days there was an option to filter unsavory language and it was up to the user to disable the filter. It think it was a default setting that could be switched off from account settings.
  8. I think it's a non issue. I mean i'm against censorship, but everyone knows what you write when you write down c***, so what would it change if you write it without censorship?
  9. I think it has to do with search engines filtering out results with naughty words.
  10. reported. please dont use this site to plug your own
  11. As long as t*********e is not censured, it's all good.
  12. That's coz U h8 freedom

  13. Sometimes when I write something I forget to exercise self-censorship and then I just write **** that might as well be **** , **** or ****.

    And it makes me feel like ************** ****

    Who here is so fucking sensitive that a little C-word here and there is going to ruin his/her/apache day?

    Also it's to point out to that xfurr c*nt that it's quite difficult to change something by democratic process, even something really small/trivial on an internet forum where basically everyone knows everyone.
  14. Fucking members leaving instead of making it better
  15. You have no idea how often I've watched this movie in the last year or two.

    Make a wish and into the well, that's all you have to do
  16. you think thats good life advice
  17. Except for that that's a scene from 300
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  18. This is GRUMPY!!!
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  19. Your dreams will come true son
  20. ahahaha
  21. So why you laowai think **** is bad word? You only make special loving act in rice exit hole, afraid more baby come out of lady ****? Maybe also is reason why person amount quite small in your country.

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  22. lol jesus is that real

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