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  1. Design your own car.

    2 seater body , RWD , wide wheels on the back , Viper's V10 , Man Tranny , convertible and only A/C , power WDOs and a AM/FM Radio with CD player , that's all what a car needs.
  2. Design your own car.

    Stock-factory built roadlegal Radical SR8.

    Plus Rotrex Supercharger.


    355mm Carbon ceramic brakes.

    450-500hp. Less than 700kg.
    Less than �80,000.
  3. Design your own car.

    you fail for taking that post seriously
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    Design your own car.

    Something cheaper, more realistic so that I might actually do it.

    Radical SR3 (with optional downforce kit + optional 280mm brakes).

    Supercharged with Rotrex SC.

    Black. Road-registered.
    400bhp. 510kg.

    This guy got 330+ hp at the rearwheels from the setup.
  5. Design your own car.

    midengine 2 seat coupe
    45" tall
    156" long
    70" wide
    100" wheelbase
    2400 lbs
    aluminum chassis/body
    GM Ecotec mounted longitudinally
    Yokohama A048 (215/45 & 245/40) on
    Volk TE37 (17x7.5 & 17x8.5)
  6. Design your own car.

    Cadillac XV16 engine in a two tone Red and CF Zonda F. Don't even say forced induction, that defeats the beauty/elegance/purpose of Pagani and the elegance/awesomeness of a V16.
  7. Design your own car.

    midengine 2 seat coupe
    45" tall
    2500 lbs
    Toyota V6
    6 speed gearbox
    245/35 & 295/30 on
    9x18 & 11x18
  8. Design your own car.

    I have and am building it. Going off your format:

    I want a midengine 2 seat coupe.
    40-43" tall
    74" wide
    160" long
    97" wheelbase
    1800-2000 lbs
    Steal tubular chassis, fiberglass/CF body
    Toyota 3SGTE w/ ~400rwhp transversely mounted
    5 speed gearbox
    Unknown brand at this point 1.5 way limited slip differential
    Advan A048 (265/35-18 & 315/30-18) on
    SSR GT2s 18x9" (~19lbs) 18x10.5" (18x8 & 18x9.5)
    13x1.25" rotors w/ Wilwood 6-pot calipers on all four corners
    No ABS, no powersteering, no TC, no airbags, etc
  9. Design your own car.

    Will that be a street car?
  10. Design your own car.

    Yeah, just not a very friendly one. For instance, it's only going to have three inches of ground clearance, MAYBE two inches of travel either way and no rubber/plastic in the suspension. Pound me in the ass type of ride.
  11. Design your own car.

    I congratulate you for your knowledge and ambition. Building your own car is hard enough. Making it street legal is practically unheard of.
  12. Design your own car.

    It's really not that hard in AZ. Here's a list of what's necessary:

    Equipment Requirements for Dune Buggy Types and Specially Reconstructed Vehicles
    # Horn (ARS 28-954)
    # Mirrors (ARS 28-956)
    # Windshield (ARS 28-957.01, 28-959)
    # Windshield Wiper (ARS 28-957)
    # Two Headlamps (ARS 28-924)
    # Tail Light (ARS 28-925)
    # White License Plate Light (ARS 28-925C)
    # Reflectors (ARS 28-926)
    # Signal Lamps (ARS 28-939)
    # Brake Systems (ARS 28-952)
    # Muffler (ARS 28-955)
    # Fuel Tank Caps (ARS 28-965)
    # Emission Equipment (ARS 28-955C)
    # Mud Flaps or Splash Guards (ARS 28-958.01) - (This one apparently does not apply to cars)
    # For the parts used in the construction of the vehicle:
    * Bills of sale
    * dismantle permits
    * hardware receipts
    * invoices
    * any other documentation pertaining to the construction of the vehicle.

    I plan on having certain items easily removable and taking them off as soon as the car is registered, such as rear reflectors and windshield wipers. It's Arizona after all we recently had a streak of 200+ days with no rain, it hasn't rained in the past couple months and I wouldn't take it anywhere if I thought there was even a chance of rain for various other reason (tires, power, money into it, etc).
  13. Design your own car.

    a modded rx3

    with a doweld and j ported 13b turbo
    with 650hp
    total wight=730 kilos=low eights 0-400m
  14. Design your own car.

    bump (very old thread with updated OP)
  15. Design your own car.

    Front engined RWD fullsize luxuruy sedan
    Twin turbo V12 with 600+ hp, 700+ lb-ft of torque
    5-speed automatic gearbox.
    Carbon ceramic brakes
    Interior with focus on supreme luxury.

    Priced more than 200,000 to keep out of the hands of the peasants.

    So basically a luxury private jet for the road.

    Or id just buy an S65.
  16. Design your own car.

    i though your dream car was more like 340hp V8 FTW!
  17. Design your own car.
  18. Design your own car.

    2400 pounds
    2-door, 2 passengers
    Mid engine, rear drive
    6-speed manual
    3.5L natrually aspirated V-12
    500 horsepower @ 10,000 rpm
    320 ft-lb of torque @ 7000 rpm
    Length: 175 inches
    Width: 77 inches
    Height: 43.5 inches
    No traction control, no ABS, no power steering
  19. Design your own car.

    Ooooooooh, I miss these things. Today's technology, huh?

    I would take Chrysler's turbine engine, and engineer the hell out of it using the latest technology, bolt it to a Torotrak IVT driving the rear wheels, for shits and giggles, we'll give it 2 electric motors at the front and throw it in the filthy hippy faces that it's a hybrid.

    Take the Buick LeSabre concept of 1951, and Holden Efijy-ize it, bolt it to a tubular chassis, coilovers all around, and ceramic brakes. Give it roll-up windows, an FM radio, a couple speakers, and some AC.

    Yeah, that would be SWEEEEEEEEET.
  20. Design your own car.

    theres still a bit of space in the passenger seat for another engine
  21. Design your own car.

    I would like to create a modern version of Chevelle. Following the same design concept as the current Camaro, the car would have modern lines, but the overall shape is the same as the classic 60's Chevelle.

    There will be three models, the most basic uses Camaro's V6, the V8 version uses Camaro SS's engine. The top version, Chevelle SS, would use C6 Corvette Z06's 7.0L V8.
  22. Design your own car.

    Yes, Maybaches and Rollses have roughly this off-shelf (Bentley has mere 8 cylinders)

    I like the requirement of 180 cm height and 6 m length. After all, even the smallest luxury private jet, Cessna Citation Mustang, allows 137 cm headroom. Remember this for a car.

    But RWD is stupid. It requires a transmission tunnel, and this gets in the way of feet.

    I´d have my luxury limousine as a hybrid. Front wheels mechanically driven - accumulators in the rear, and rear wheels with electric drive. That would probably allow for lower floorpan.

    Note that the 152 or so cm high off-shelf sedans Bentley Arnage and Toyota Century were found unsatisfactory by both Ukogbani queen and the Emperor. They got themselves 178 cm high Bentley State Limousine and 177 cm high Toyota Century Royal... both 205 cm wide, because the off-shelf 190 cm width also was inadequate.
  23. Design your own car.

    Hahaha, DOH! I forgot to mention that I would trim up the dimensions a whole mess load, but keep the out-there design.

    OR, I think you might be on to something... I could put TWO turbine engines, give it an afterburner, electric motors all around, and have the most insane hybrid EVER... Mmm... I might have to throw in a million dollar life insurance policy too.
  24. Design your own car.

    I already posted this on another forum...

    Basically I want a modern version of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. As in, a two seat mid-engined RWD car weighing around 1500lbs with a high revving 2 liter engine.

    The chassis would be either an aluminum tube frame like the original 33, or possibly a Chromoly one, depending on which would produce the best combination of rigidity/lightness/value, which I don't know the answer to at this point. The body would be aluminum, and probably pretty similar to that of the original 33, including dihedral doors.

    As for the engine, it would still be a 2 liter V8, but beyond that it would be pretty unconventional. The valve-train would be based around that of the Ducati D16RR V4 engine. So a desmotronic system rather than valve springs. I'd want it to be a flat-plane crank, and dry sumped. This would require bespoke block, crankcase, cylinder heads, cams and valve covers, and a completely custom engine management system. However the connecting rods, pistons, valves and actuators from the Ducati engine would be usable. The performance targets for this engine would be around 400hp and a redline of about 14,000rpm.

    This engine would be connected to a 6 speed sequential transaxle, likely one of the Xtrac offerings. Suspension would be double wishbones and coilovers all around. Rear brakes would be inboard mounted to reduce unsprung weight. There would no ABS, traction control, air conditioning or power steering. I'll add more details as I think of them, but you get the idea.

    I'd see this as a weekend and track day car, not a daily driver.
  25. Design your own car.

    That sounds really cool.

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