Dhiaa al Essa´s carage

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    A 21 year old engineering student owns a fleet of 31 cars, all of which except one (Lexus 460) are European. Currently the European fleet consists of 2 Rollses (Phantom and Drophead), 2 Range Rovers, 3 Lamborghinis, 5 Ferraris, 5 Porsches, 5 Mercedeses, a Maybach 62, a Bentley Continental, 4 BMW-s and 2 Audis. For his 22nd birthday he is due to receive another Ferrari, a Koenigsegg Agera and a Bugatti Veyron.

    What would you put in your garage with that kind of opportunities?


    Incidentally, his father is 85.

    If you could afford to give 31 cars to children, would you pack your son´s garage with 31 supercars? Or would you promptly go to bed and make 30 more sons, so you can give them just 1 supercars each?
  2. What a generic list, not a single classic among them. This list is more like the envy of every hip hop artist or 14 year old buy who reads dupont Registry. Not someone actually interested in cars.

    Edit: an X6M and an X5M? Seriously?
  3. No taste at all. I'd rather have a third the number of cars and actually have a nice and varied garage.

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