Do you like... My caaaah

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  1. So would North Korea buy this?
  2. Kimmy wishes he was as edgy as CSL.
  3. Lol @ Z06, are you 50 with a belly?

    I understand the process and its fine, glad you ended up there but still. I never sat in that car so I can imagine the built quality and experience change the day for you.

    again, keep us posted!
  4. You're just a puppet!
  5. im interested in the logistics of buying a car like this

    is it new?
    did you spec it?
    can we see the interior?
  6. I wouldn't expect any less questions from a simian brain whose sim has not reached the top tier of his career
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I love it. It is a dying breed.

    In your shoes I would have probably gone with either a tesla or something of this sort, maybe even a cobra.

    Its interesting how different the layout of the buttons and switches is.

  9. On second thought, there are many alternatives that are as fun to drive with probably better reliability:

    Alfa 4C


    Ferrari 360

    '04 Gallardo

    Evora 400


    Cayman GTS

    '09 911 turbo
  10. is this thread now what would you have spent csls money on?

    i would have gotten a bmw m240 optioned to about 50k and pocketed the difference
  11. Awesome, let's hijack this thread and rub on his face all the better decisions that we would have made:

    I'd buy a Mazda MX-5, no joke. It's probably cheap to run and maintain, and it's a purist sports car, a British roadster for people who don't have issues about their penis size.

    Then I'd buy a motorcycle with the rest of the money, maybe a Husqvarna 401 once they finally decide to put it into production. Or a Triumph Street Scrambler. Or any cool looking old bike, really. And I'd still have money left.
  12. I really like the new folding hardtop miata

    maybe put a small turbo on it for the noise and some fatter tires
  13. I'd have spent half the money on fat slurries and blow, and the other half funding antifa at Trump/Police/Obama/every kind of rally.
  14. it always was, but being too obvious about it when no one asked is being a hater. But since most of you seem cool with being haters, you don't need to be subliminal about it anymore.

    just think about it, cb. With that kind of money, you could quit your barista job and move in with your gf of 15years and her "room mate" big ted.
  15. HEY! Don't you fuckin bring Ted into this you scumbag. Ted has never done anything to anybody.
  16. Hahahhahs miata

    Just hand your dick to your wife already

    Maybe trackday car but weekender it just yells « i cant afford a real car »

    Jeez this isnt Super
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  17. I do like CSL's car though.
  18. yeah its cool but for my life i wouldnt want a track car
  19. Acura RL or LExus GS isn't
  20. [​IMG]
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  21. Bunch of beta fucks in here.
  22. Do you consider yourself an alfa, ETB4U? Describe your qualities, I'm so interested now.
  23. I woulda bought a decked out Honda Odyssey and one of those sweet looking aerodynamic roof cargo bins
  24. Would've gotten a Toyota Landcruiser V8
  25. thank you!

    I considered a lot of stuff, btw. the Gallardo was just too much money for me. The 360 would have been awesome, but in my price range they ran 40-50k miles and my understanding is that this is about the time Ferrari suggests a substantial servicing. I could have been vigilant and scoped out the right one, but that doesn't make a 50,000 mile 360 necessarily bulletproof.

    both the lotus and Cayman i believe are amazing cars, I'm just a little stumped by certain design choices in the evora which made it less pure and certainly slower. Still, I think the evora is a fantastic car. The cayman however ticks me off. the options Porsche puts out drive me crazy, I want so many of them, but finding the car with just the right combo is something you do when you literally don't care when you get the car.

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