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  1. Do you believe that doyle owns a car, his dad owns a dealership.
  2. shut the hell up
  3. ok doyle this is the thread for you. post pics of your SS WITH THE BROKEN DIFF, with a sign that says on it.

    if you do that, you might perhaps gain some credibility and people might actually start beleiving things you say.

    please note, if you dont post pics, people WILL insult you.
  4. dude, you cant post on a thread about you.
  5. i will early next week
  6. ok. i will be waiting. i will not forget. remember the sign.
  7. i will be happy to
  8. you said that late last week...

    OK doyle, do you have a camera (most people do, you can get them from Harvey Norman for 150, and surely a person of your affluence should afford one). then go to the SS, rest the Camera on something, or get daddy to do it (im sure he won't mind) put the timer on and stand next to your car.

    Its the only way.
  9. Which car was it? That S13 1/2 again?
  10. look i don't have digital cam. I have no need for one Every one i know has one. Like i said early nexted i will have access to one then i will post the pic
  11. doyle, there are two options to get the forum not hassling you

    a) Prove your ownership of all the things you said you or family own (VY SS, Silvia S1?, Plaza Holden)
    b) Leave forever.
  12. if i get a pic of me and my SS, my father and his porsche, in front of the office at plaza holden holding a sign will you shut up
  13. ok. we will shut up if you do that.

    just admit you were wrong/liar about the s13/14/15 and people wont hassle you quite as much about it.
  14. i admit i don't own the #$%#en car. My father owns the car and it is garaged it his house. I have driven the car serval times including several nights worth of drifting. I have also driven an S14 from adelaide to melbourne to sydney and back with JMS when we went to the drift nats
  15. And make sure it's not one of the cars your daddy (the used car salesman) is trying to sell. Post the registration details too.
  16. like i am going to post my registration details. if i am standing in front of plaza holden weqring a holden uniform with to cars i have talked about holding a sign i think that is enough proff
  17. i think it would be too easy just to get a worker from the dealership to stand there holding the sign.

    make it no holden uniform please. wear a red shirt.
  18. ok that will be pretty easy around there. but i think if i could get a porsche and an ss nose to nose in front of a holden dealer that will do
  19. i dont know doyle cant be that bad. he does own a VY. you have to be pretty smart to buy a vy
  20. hahha....multiple accounts are cool aren't they doyle?

  21. Yes since the VY is the greatest car of all time. I heard that they got all the engineers that designed the car and killed them so that no other car company could force them to build a car as great as the VY.
  22. well maybe the car isn't that great infact it was a disaiontment but he does drive a similar car to me
  23. so, uh...............why arent you posting under "doyle" anymore??
  24. Hey doyle, my brother just said he saw 'your' S13/14/15 at Indy on the Gold Coast, drifting around the track with a few other cars. Did you allow this?
  25. Hey doyle, my brother just said he saw 'your' S13/14/15 at Indy on the Gold Coast, drifting around the track with a few other cars. Did you allow this?

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