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  1. Is it possible to drift in this baseline MR?
  2. Why not? It may not be as tail happy as a RWD, but that doesn't mean it can't get sideways.
  3. Of course. It will need modifications to go to the professional level, but for street drifting it is a capable car.
  4. Thanks a lot guys! I like that term, "tail happy." Lol
  5. Transverse layout AWD cars arent very easy to drift for the simple fact that even if you distribute power 50/50 through its electronic front and rear differentials or center differentials, the car still has a front wheel bias making it have too much understeer to be able to drift it unless you have plenty of experience but it still wont be the kind of drifting you can do with a FR or MR, it would be more like a powerslide.
  6. No there is no reason why you can't drift it. It just involves a different technique. Is a little harder but the world's longest drift I believe was completed in an Evo. So yeah if you want then it is fine.
  7. Two simple mods will take car of the problem. The easy one...You get the widest tires in the front for the rims and the narrowest in the back. So like a 255 in front and a 225 in back. The other is to get a new mid diff from Cusco. 35-65 power split. That takes care of that problem.
  8. I live in Michigan, where it is covered in snow and ice for close to half the year.
    Drifting, is a common thing here, no matter what you drive. Try sliding a 2004 Chevy Astro AWD down a hill at 45 MPH...Not fun. But, doing the same thing in a Camaro or Mustang is a blast, no matter what conditions there are outside.
  9. ive helped a guy take out the front cv's,then had his ECU modified.the thing drifted great, it was and evo 8 gsr, theres even a Sti that has been modified in D1, i dunno if this sti is done the same but it must be considering all sub's are AWD, and it drifts the same as the RWD guys do.

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