enzo killer

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  1. This will beet anything
  2. I don't know about that, dude. There aren't enough details on this car to know what it'll do. If it's anything like the racer (can't remember its name) that won LeMans for Mazda in 1991, then this will definitely run past the Enzo.
  3. yea, that mazda was the 787b. this car won't be the same type of car as the enzo really, it looks like a le mans car... toyota GT1 shape sort of as far as i can tell...

  4. I'm very glad that you're still in the indies
  5. There's been like a million Enzo killers for about five years now.
  6. My scooter beat the enzo.!!!!!!!!(not)
  7. Enzo killer? I doubt that; this car looks fast, but I don't think that it can beat an Enzo. Besides, how about we wait until we get some engine specs before we jump to conclusions?
  8. Don't forget that this car has been developed as a LeMans racer. It probably won't even be street legal. Sure it's pretty, but it shouldn't be taken seriously as a competitor to the Enzo or other "mainstream" supercars. Who knows, it may only have a 400 hp rotary engine anyway. Let's wait and see.
  9. you're an idiot. just sit and not be heard
  10. And the 787B was there with number 55 - Furai got it too. Maybe they will put it into Le Mans 2008? That would be SOMETHING.
  11. Were is the back window.????????????????????
  12. lol indies
  14. i didn't think this was serious?
  15. This car is based on an Courage C65 ALMS LMP2 race car. Considering the fact that a GT2 class Porsche 911 is 9 seconds a lap faster than a CGT, it absolutely will run circles around an Enzo.
  16. No, this car will not be racing at Le Mans. It does make me wonder though, with the ACO's new LMP1 EVO Coupe rules going into effect in 2010, could the fact that this car is a coupe be hinting at the idea of Mazda building a new racing chassis of its own?

    Mazda will be represented at Le Mans this year though as several teams running MZR-R Mazda engines will run them in LMP2 cars this year.
  17. There obviously isn't one retard.
  18. Who the #$%# are you?
  19. Thank you, I was about to ask whether it was based on a LMP1 or 2.
  20. Has anyone heard how beautiful this thing sounds? Its amazing.
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  22. The vocal majority #%!@.
  23. It would be insane with an R26B!!!!! 20B PP (im guessing) is a beaut engine too, wud luv one in my sev sumday haha! .....
  24. Speak English.

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