Esprit only new Lotus currently under development

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    We were a bit surprised when Lotus rolled out a total of five new concepts at this year's Paris Motor Show. Lotus unloaded its lightweight guns in an effort to showcase the automaker's future direction, but the question on our minds concerns which of these concepts will actually see the light of day. According to Autocar, only one of the five concepts is actually undergoing engineering work: the Esprit.

    Autocar quotes Lotus insiders who say that the future range-topping Esprit is the only vehicle being fully developed at the moment. The Esprit would be the first of the next-generation Lotuses to grace our presence, sometime around 2013. The Esprit will reportedly adhere to the Lotus mantra of lightness and simplicity, with a curb weight of around 3,300 pounds motivated by a 550-horsepower supercharged V8. No, 3,300 pounds isn't exactly lightweight by any means, but with 550 supercharged horses on deck, the power-to-weight ratio will still be what we've come to expect from Lotus.

    The Esprit is part of Lotus's plan to increase sales from less than 3,000 units per year to about 7,000 vehicles. That's a substantial jump for a company the size of Lotus, and one that becomes more difficult when you consider that the next round of sports cars will be a bit more expensive, too. The UK-based automaker plans to feature pricing in the £80,000 ($128,000 USD) to £120,000 ($192,000) range, up from about £40,000 ($64,000) on average.
  2. haha not suprised
  3. 3,300 pounds is not light by any standard
  4. the other cars were meant to be 5 years away anyway
  5. if it was like 2700ish lb, I'd want it.
  6. good news
  7. It will probably the lightest mass produced western car of 2013. So by that standard it will be light.

    Even the Esprit 350 was 2800lbs.
  8. there are a bunch of 911s under 3300 pounds.
  10. OMG ITS OVER 3000LBS, ITS A PIG!!!!!

  14. The GT3 series are the only ones I can find under 3300, the base Carrera is 3285, plus 66 for the PDK if you order it.

    But yeah, Porsche are some of the lighter sports cars on sale these days, shows where light cars have gone.
  15. I don't doubt that it will be a good car. But I have serious doubts about its ability to differentiate itself enough for people to consider buying it.
  16. You're some type of expert or something?
  18. of course they are not going to produce all 5 right away, if at all. At least they are getting their priorities right and concentrating on the Espirit
  19. I liked the four door they showed at the Paris Motor Show beter.
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    What did they expect? That the always-on-the-edge-of-being-closed little car company Lotus would develop 5 new cars at the same time?

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