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  1. what the hell has nissan done to the skyline? that car used to be kickass, but now it looks more like something that they pulled out of their asses.
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    I can do nothing but agree with that 100%
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    dude, its only a concept
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    The front of the R35 doesn't look that bad if you look at those pics which I posted the site for.
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    I agree with the above. I used to think this car looked shite but today EVO magazine in the UK have a 6 pg article on it. It actually looks all rite when viewed in the angles they took pics of it in...plus they were saying how it could come with 450 BHP as standard. They also say how the older engine and that have to be changed because of new emmisons's laws or sumthing?/ I cant quite remember now I'll have to read the article again to find out. But Nissan are still bringing out the GT-R 34 M-Spec Nurburg (or what ever they finnaly call it) soon though, thats just the same as the standard GT-R 34 V-Spec in terms of looks but has a better interior, and a few extras on that as well.<!-- Signature -->
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    i thought this car sucked untill i saw it in person. it is a pretty nice car, it looks mean as hell
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    Needless to say, I thought it looked like sh!t when i first saw it as well, but it doesn't get better with time. Hopefully it will be at the auto-show in Toronto this wknd when I go. If so, I must admit, I'm going to be firing off pics like a Japanese tourist. You've all seen those pics that this website has, well try to think of it like this., Keep the body the way it is and where it's black under the grill, change the color to the same as the body. It looks like a streamlined R-34. No edges. Smooth. Flow. The ques are there, she's not that bad. Give it time.

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