F1: Is it the car or track?

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by iloveracing16, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. So NASCARFAG, are sure you aren't just talking out of your ass then?
  2. I do quite a bit of reading on F1 to see if theyre ever going to be moving in the right direction.

    And while I enjoy nascar more than the other folks on here, its not my fav motorsport to watch. I just think that they have good rules and production values for the product they are putting on display. Drama is mostly kept to on-track action, almost everyone is competitive, they have great broadcasts, etc.
  3. I'm the complete opposite. Not a big NASCAR fans but do a lot of reading on NASCAR because F1 could learn a lot from them.

    I do agree, NASCAR broadcasting is better, I do enjoy the trash talking in NASCAR, the rules are better, and the racing is more competitive.

    What other race series do you like. I love rally and touring cars.
  4. So basically, without actually watching the races, you have no way of knowing just how often a reckless act had taken place without receiving a penalty.

    In other words, you pulled that post out of your arse.
  5. i watched every race possible for quite a few years, and the stewards investigate every stupid thing. Rarely is there an accident where its not under investigation. Even better, all the penalties that are put in effect after the race. F1 is much worse than any other series when it comes to this crap, and you know it too.
  6. Thank you. After every race on here theres a 10 page thread yelling about who was at fault for what minor racing incident that caused some event thats now under review.
  7. Where did this SeanE30 bloke come from? He's irritating.
  8. ...and most of those reviews end up not resulting in a penalty. Which isn't what you initially suggested.
  9. Not all penalties are in effect after the race either. I don't know wtf's going on, but it's like I'm in the wrong dimension or something.
  10. The main problem is the loss of downforce when in the wake of another car and the dependency of downforce on lap times. They should try and make the cars less dependant on downforce, and the aerodynamic regulationen needs to be adjusted so that the cars aren't so sensitive to wake. Most of the wake is produced by the open wheels and the bodywork and would be difficult to significantly reduce but you can make the cars less sensitive to the wake that is produced.

    But there are other factors too.

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