fat and the furious 2

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  1. hey good news i just found out about 2 weeks ago there making this movie and the cars have allready been picked some but not all and there is a tight skyline commin in and its #$%#ing cool so thatys all i have to say
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    ya i heard...

    its called 2 Fast 2 Furious

    Paul walker's back with a skyline...
    pink S2000's
    Green Lancers...
    YEAH...orange Supra
    Vin diesel's gone...boooooooooooo

    June 6th 2003
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    Thanks for the warning bud, I'll be sure to miss it.

    I dont know how anyone who watched the first debacle could even consider seeing the next flop. Diesel sucks.
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    I'll probably go see it, just to point out all the errors in the movie. It was great making fun of all the things they said in the last movie.
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    heheheh sometims you can have just as much fun going with people who know cars properly to just make fun of the movie heheheh
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    Same here....<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> Maybe I'll learn some high performance driving techniques, or the layout of an "intracate" nitrous oxide system.
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    I dont rekon it will be any good, but you've just got to see it to make fun of the rubbish cars. The only way they could make it better is by tuning European cars, now that would be a movie to see.
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    They just better not trash any oldies in the process, or ill be pissed. I shed a tear when i saw that charger flip.
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    All I have to say, is the makers of The Fast and the Furious, have obviously never been to a street race. The stupidity of that movie is incredible.
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    i hear this skyline has 700hp. this will be the main car
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    Anyone who finds this (or 99% of Japanese imports) to be "fast" or "furious" is an idiot. You know u got ripped off when a new 30k SVTCobra can ice a NSX-T thats way more than twice the sticker. Not to mention u could have 3 witnesses along for the ride too.Hee Hee
    I was watching the coverage of the Barrett Jackson car auction once and someone wrote in asking "when will Japanese cars make it here". The announcer replied "probabley in the year 3000 or so cause those cars have no soul". I Believe that to be so true!

    P.S. I love those cute little mufflers u guys put on your cars. Reminds me of my blender!!!Hee Hee

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    ahh finaly someone who knows their cars and is right they do not have any soul..... period
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    Ice an NSX-T huh?

    check this link out:


    Note how the NSX-T did far better than the Cobra, Yes, I know it's a 1999 Cobra but bear in mind that the NSX-T is the slowest model of the NSX.

    LOL, I think U just got ripped off, seeing as your car designed solely for straight line acceleration can't even keep up to a car designed entirely for the track and little for straight line acceleration.

    2 things: 1) The price tag on the NSX is "so high" for its overall build quality, excellent handling, and phenomenal engineering. I mean the acceleration car is MUCH faster than what the power would suggest, it takes a really ingenious design to pull that off.

    2) VERY few cars with less than 300hp could accelerate from 0-100 in less than 5 seconds, America makes none of them, the NSX is one of them. The day America manages to pull that off, then I'll admit that they can actually design something good rather than just taking the pussy "just slap a bigger block in there" route.

    I find it funny about how people are always going on about American cars are so great, but when it's time to perform, they always fall short of what their believers claim, odd huh?

    P.S. The Barrett Jackson auction is all about blind American Patriotism, so of course the guys running the show are going to have a gay bias, however, even an early 90's Civic Si has far more soul than a mid 70's Camaro. Oh well, different strokes for different folks I guess, and speaking of which, it looks like Fordracing101 here is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to find out what type of stroke is for YOUR folk.
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    you're an idiot, the only reason japanese cars are smaller displacement to begin with is due to displacement tax in japan. but we americans will stick to our "pussy" 5.7 liter V8's that weigh less than the 4 banger in the S15, and get better gas mileage than the s2000 (Ls1, if you dont know what im talking about)
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    Who ever claimed that a 5.7 litre V8 is a "pussy" engine?

    As for the Gasmileage, why don't you compare the Ls1 to the 2.0 litre EJ engines that are in some Subraru's that are faster than all cars with the Ls1 AND get better gas mileage with the Ls1, and is also smaller, lighter and has more evenly distributed weight and dimensions.

    Gee, the S15 is an older car, I wonder if any of the Ls1's weighed less in the same production year?

    BTW - Does Chevrolet, or ANY American Manufacturer for that matter, produce a single car (or concept) that gets 70mpg? I think not, so don't even think to talk to me about gas mileage.
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    ok, forget the ls1, what about the Lt1? bout the same age, and it has similar weight and fuel milage to the LS1, and 275 hp.
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    What about it? I forgot what the discussion was about, and don't feel like going back to check it out.
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    no, you just have nothing to argue anymore
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    Again, what about it?

    I'm not going to reiterate again for some fool who thinks he's all that, while using a pic of his sister in his avatar.
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    no you said the ls1 was newer, and the silvia was old, so i shouldnt compare them, so i threw in the Lt1 at it instead and so now you're just dodging it
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    no, I'm admitting it's more efficient, but I really don't care.
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    The S15 SR20DET weighs 186 KG fully dressed, the LS1 216. so your wrong.

    and My mate with an S2000 often gets 8 litres/100km, and my brother with his LS1 powered Holden gets 13l/100km at best

    oh and that GTR is owned by craig liberman, he is a complete tool and an insult to good japanese supercars, he seems to be of the opinion 'wack on a few stickers, put in a bog bore muffler and shove in a few bottles of NAWZ and she'll be right mate!'
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    They couldn't get Vin back, he wouldn't resign. One question for all the r!cers, why is it always the r!cer cars that get into movies? Wouldn't it be better with a SL 55 AMG or Jaguar XK or Porche or something that doesn't double as a food steamer?
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    All I have to say is that Japenese Imports are slow ugly pieces of shit.. American cars will always lead, and japenese cars will always fall behind.

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