Ferrari F70 caught testing.

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  1. I hope Ferrari adds a driver add so the car can drive it self. Because the only thing that matters in cars are NUMBERS and a computer will necessarily be faster around a track than some #$%#ing dirty human. So Ferrari please make the car drive it self and set AWESOME numbers around tracks so all the boring Ferrari buyers/fans will have something to circle jerk around.
  2. "AWD 4x4 is cheating and can't be taken serious" is signature worth
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  4. why don't people understand that there is such a thing as "progression"?

    Only when a truly ground-breaking car comes out (McLaren F1 springs to mind) can it continually be up for comparison against much newer cars because nothing managed to beat it for 13 years. At the end of the day the Enzo is just another supercar, so of course after 10 years you'd expect the latest breed to be faster.
  5. This thread is such a trainwreck
  6. Even a kit car beat it.
  7. love threads like this
    IIRC there used to be more of these a few years back
  8. A lot more of these.
  9. I want a car w/ AWD because I like cheating.
  10. Not to mention that tires changed a lot too, even only in 10 years.
  11. holy shit, this thread is a trainwreck
  12. enzo's laptime ios almost ten years old, the track surely'd be not exactly the same, surely Stig is not the same (the latest Stig seems really fast).
  13. why talking about Hock (Enzo never tested)? Why I cannot find any mention about 'Ring?
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  14. uh oh, mafalda is here

    care to post some stats?

    where's joao gois?
  15. Fanboy show-down!
  16. he got banned a couple of months ago.
  17. obligatory post mentioning FNAF could still be posting and we would all hate ferraris like we do k'seggs
  18. lol
  19. REALLY?? Maybe i wrote this because someone said that the enzo can beat any actual lambo? My nickname is lamboy not blindboy, and i don't cry when a car is faster than another one, personally i think that a car wich after 10 years is still used as benchmark for performances really says it all about ferrari hypercars, but hey, keep it up
  20. Benchmark hyper car. Beaten by a supersports car
  21. none of your post makes any sense.
  22. mafalda or joao gois?
  23. joan guss
  24. still a top member

    because of when he said the man flipped his corvette into a bus stop because of the shitty interior

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