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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. customize your #$%#ed up dick freak
  2. ok thanks, but neither of those features really interest me
  3. Its kind of funny that this isnt in every game now because NFS had working aero elements in NFS2 in 1996 and even convertible top up/down option in 1999.
  4. should i buy this gayme
  5. eyah because ww2 owns
    and so do dinosaurs
  6. i just bought it, dlin now
  7. more hilarious than the premise of the game is that there's a little dinosaur icon in the bottom left to remind you that you're a dinosaur.
  8. Is there a demo to that? I'd like to try before I buy.
  9. it's unfinished, has lots of bugs and there are only 2 servers. the gameplay is actually pretty fun but there are lots of issues and it really isn't worth 20 bucks.
  10. It's for the better, I started playing Diablo II again anyway so there goes hours a day everyday.
  11. literally loled

    | 944turb0: haha
    ryantoar: there ar e only 2 servers
    ryantoar: and mapswitch is broken so you have to play the same map over and over unless there is an admin
    | 944turb0: did you actually pay for it?
    ryantoar: yes lol
    | 944turb0: owned
    ryantoar is now playing Dino D-Day. Click here to join.
    ryantoar: no regrets
  12. Arica Harbour is completely #$%#ed on my copy of BC2, thats whats been causing the issues, for some reason I just can't play that level.

    Why the #$%# has that happened?
  13. ryan why didnt you buy weed with that $20
  14. nerds

  15. I imagine he buys in larger quantities then just a g.
  16. bought a zip of some chron for a buck thirty last week bro
  17. so i signed up for some update preview thing for the fall update for the xbox dashboard, this morning i got a free copy of Halo reach in the mail. apparently it can only be used in consoles with the update (or it will #$%# them up) but i think i'll sell my old copy of reach now.

    really cant tell anything is different with the beta, apparently they are using a new disc format to add 1GB of space to the discs starting this fall... but nothing else seems different.
  18. Hai guys

    I was wondering if there is any adapter available to connect my Logitech G25 wheel to my 360? Also, if i were to use the G25 for any xbox games, will force feedback work?

  19. I believe there is.
  20. xbox live 12 month digital code is $44 now on amazon should i buy??
  21. Retail is $60. Good deal.
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    Yeah something like this existed in beta when I posted it a few months ago. Not sure about the status of this now
  23. Every time i buy a game i see it a week later for half price in game of the year version platinum ultra hd v2 edition with new episodes, its all a bit silly now.
  24. portal 2 is being pre-loaded onto my computer

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