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  1. Yes! get it.

    It can be quite heavy on the hardware though.
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    lol friends
  3. A very good game, heavy on the atmosphere. I was sucked in.
  4. Do any of you use the A button for the clutch in FM3? jsut started using it and its soo much better than LB
  5. How do you switch gears then? I'm used to B and X.
  6. x - down
    b - up
    a - clutch

  7. i didnt really see any benefit from using clutch, so i stopped using it.
  8. Well it makes your car a lot faster
  9. you guys should post ur steam IDs

    account got hacked and he deleted all my friends <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    hacked my account back and he got owned tho
  10. nvm found u all on steam group
  11. fuuuuck metro2033 owns

    so glad I bought a dx11 card

  12. portal 1 was better
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    that was a sweet vid. top marks for editing

    but you gotta deinterlace next time
  14. I just beat it yesterday, it was kinda disappointing. STALKER series is much better.

    Its kinda lame that the weapons you have within the first couple of chapters of the game are all that you really get for the duration of the game. The only weapon that appears later is the Kalash 2012 and by the time you get it, theres almost no point.

    Also not being able to hold both a sniper AND shotgun is very lame. I mean you just spent all this money on getting a nice longrange weapon, and then you face a level where you really want a shotgun. Problem is, if you pick up that shotgun, you have to drop the sniper. you might be able to pick it up later... but metro has a habit of surprising you with cutscenes that progress the story without much warning... meaning you cant go back and pick up that brand new weapon you paid so much precious ammo for.

    What saddens me is that it had SOOO much potential and is kept from seeing that potential by such fine details.
  15. FM3: Working on a RWD Sierra Cosworth with a V8 from a 93 Mustang...#$%# yeah
  16. So what, that's 140 hp right?
  17. so anyway, PSN was hacked hardcore and now the hackers have everybodys personal data including possibly credit card info. I used a low limit card but this is kind of shit for many people.
  18. no worries innotech, just read this from twitter

    Sony warns that Playstation Network hacker may have taken users' personal info/credit cards while leaving their virginity intact.
  19. haha really? this is pretty big
  20. lol
  21. I hope my flower trophies weren't compromised
  22. Problem with them taking credit card details and stuff is that even if yours wasn't on there, they could still potentially use the details they have to get details you might have on shopping sites like Amazon, iTunes, and so on.

    No real idea of what to do if I'm honest.
  23. creditcards are way too unsafe imho. you should be able to use your debit card when shopping online. here in the netherlands that's common practice. way safer.
  24. ...theyd just get your pin too
  25. here you put your card in a little card reader. you enter your pincode, then you get a code from the website, you enter it on the little cardreader, then you receive code from the cardreader and you put that code on your computer.

    rather safe.

    the only reason i use a creditcard is because american websites don't accept debetcards.

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