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  1. Yes, on a CRT
  2. Started Fallout 76, it's weird playing Fallout with friends, because everyone wants to play it at a different pace. One of the guys I'm playing with just wants to rush everything and get to the pew pew parts, another thinks he'll lose the game if he doesn't loot every single mailbox and dresser that he finds. We're going to have to find some balance or it's going to get pretty annoying.

    It is very pretty though, captures the WV landscape rather well.
  3. Currently played 41 hours of Red dead redemption 2. 47% completed. Jesus this game is big.
  4. I know everyone's hating on Fallout 76, but I finally made it down to my hometown. Even found the little street I grew up on.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. I haven't played it yet. But I just have a hard time imagining fallout without NPCs
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  6. I tried RDR 2 online yesterday. It's ok. The single player is better overall right now.
    The online is such an insane grind to get anything. 60+minutes of grind to get about 30$ in game. To put an idea on that. The cheapest gun you can buy is about 30$. The most expensive is 1250$.
    You would have to put in an insane amount of hours or exploit any money glitches that exist to get anywhere with the game
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  7. I loaded it up and got through the "tutorial" to unlock the open world, does seem like it'll be a pain. $990 for the semi-auto shotty is :eek:

    I read somewhere that hunting was the way to go to make money early on, luckily I enjoy the hunting aspect of the game.

    You got the two free guns and the free horse, right?
  8. I read that it costs 900 hours of gameplay to unlock fast travel. 900 HOURS.

    I;m not gonna play rd2 online
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  9. You guys! you dont need to spend that much time to get the stuff you want!
    Just pay real dollars and get it today!

    **** Rockstars online world economies

    That said I am playing RDR2 and loving the single player.The world is so beautiful, the hunting is great, this is the first game I've played where animal animations dont look like absolute shit. Horse rider interaction is the best Ive ever seen. Strangely enough I think the dogs might be the most awkward looking. Love that you can come back to see scavenger animals feeding on kills youve made or stumbled upon.

    Im not interested in fallout 76 at all. Im not interested in any of these online games. Seems like a waste of building a world if its only going to be for fallout 76
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  10. Yeah not really interested in playing online games anymore. Getting too old for that and the online economies are fucking shit. I'm not paying real money to unlock stuff that's already in the game, that's absurd.
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  11. In other news Schermafbeelding 2018-12-04 om 07.24.40.png
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  12. The financial sector adult in me says "Games are expensive to make. Their base prices haven't changed since the late 90s. Developers should be allowed to profit from the game, in whatever form they deem most advantageous."

    On the flip side, games have been my #1 recreational activity for basically 30 years, and that part of me says ****.
  13. I haven't yet. I only played about 20 minutes after getting through the tutorial. Spent it hunting a couple pronghorns.
    I enjoy the hunting. But I really think I'm just going to focus on the single player campaign
  14. Oh, they definitely should. You can't knock them for making money off some rich dad kids. They gotta eat too. But, don't put me PvP with some lvl 2 kid that spent $300 on decked out gear that is 300% better than the stuff I have at lvl 10 (looking at you, Warface).
  15. That's my biggest issue. There is no way tontruely balance the playin field nowadays in online. You either have to be able to grind for hours on end everyday or spend hundreds of dollars to be competitive at all. That's rockstars biggest fault I find. They could at least add the option to enter level controlled lobbies or something. So I as a level 5 dont get thrown into lobbies with level 300s that decimate you and make the game not even worth playing.
    That's why I quit playing Gta online. There is no way to make money without being able to commit hours upon hours to play, or spending insane amounts on shark cards.
    Give me the option to play with other level 5s so I can play on an even playing field and have some fun or in open lobbies with unlimited levels. Maybe add more incentive like double earnings or something if I play in the open lobbies.
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  16. I dont think a lot of games actually benefit from the huge budgets, though I dont pretend to have any insight into this industry. Its up to the industry to cater its offerings in a way that is profitable right?
  17. Fast travel is unlocked as soon as you start, by the way. Not sure where that rumor came from.

    RDR2 online is fun, mostly just because of how good the engine and sandbox is. The missions and stuff are incredibly repetitive. I've got two friends I play with regularly and after about 15 minutes of focusing on making money and ranking up, it just turns into a big lasso battle.
  18. Anyone play Friday the 13th? PS4 had it free and I played it. It's pretty neat, getting to either be Jason or the campers. Well worth the free.99 price. The new Spiderman is pretty good too. Playing with the cartoon Spidey outfit looks neat too. I will say the mini games are a little too easy though.
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  19. Maybe they updated it
  20. I just finished the main story.


    I'm playing John Marston now. I bought my own land from the bank, just build my own farm(house, barn etc.). You literally have to build it yourself. Now i;m a farmer.
  21. I just finished the main story.


    I'm playing John Marston now. I bought my own land from the bank, just build my own farm(house, barn etc.). You literally have to build it yourself. Now i;m a farmer.
  22. I have it, bought it on release day. played it a bit. It can be fun.

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