Girl thrashes house with MySpace strangers

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Future CEO, Apr 14, 2007.

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  2. apparently, someone hacked her myspace and advertised it to everyone as some mental houseparty. i laughed a couple of days ago when i read it in the paper.
  3. We should do that to P996Turbo
  4. Shashshshshshshahsahha's place?
  5. "Reviews" of the party have started to appear on the internet, including one from a 19-year-old called Emily from Newcastle who talks about boys she met at the party, saying: "I was on a field with one of these people and in a bedroom with the other haha stunners.x"

    Obviously a slut, and shes a goth/emo. Just more reason to execute every emo alive.
  6. LOL someone "hacked" her MySpace, LOL. What a dumb slut.
  7. Someone should have puked on her at the party that would have been rad.
  8. (lol standing for laugh out loud)
  9. Sounds like a kick ass party.
  10. hacked my ass.

    that would be the first excuse a 17 year old girl up shits creek would make up.
  11. I hope insurance doesn't cover it and they have to sell her into sex slavery.
  12. "goth gear with a beercan"

    they needn't have said that, cause thats all myspace is, #$%#ing idiots
  13. Pretty #$%#ing stupid. Must have been a gongshow extreme.

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