Got a new TV!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by rabbitl1, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Nice, I have a smaller Samsung and I'm definitely happy with it's performance (LCD)
  3. Nice. I have a 32" Samsung LCD right now and I'll probably upgrade to a 46" sometime soon. The prices keep dropping and I don't need it for anything specific so I'm in no rush.
  4. Nice, I have an older samsung 46" which i use for my computer monitor as well as TV and stuff.

    Its really good.
  5. Mice, I jave a 52" samsung 52" ehich I use to watch nlu-tays and duch

    its teally hood
  6. Just got HD hooked up! I know I'm way behind the times, but this shit is amazing!
  7. move fingers slightly to left
  8. qhy I rype oerfectly good as ut is, rhanks girefox!
  9. what model number is yours
  10. You bought last year's model at today's prices! Did you set the shipping date for opposite day?

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