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    So, here I am, once again. I had an accident back in May, and I bought a cheap 1997 Ford Ranger to help me bridge the
    gap between my old car, and what I'm able to get whenever the insurance company is done with this shit(last year's hurricane has made insurance companies take much longer than usual to solve their client's problems).

    So, in the next month or two, I'll be getting into a lightly used, or new(or new to me) vehicle. I'm done buying sensible cars, like the Kia Soul, or the Toyota Yaris before that. I want a car that is fun to drive. I'm also not going to be having a family any time soon, so, 4 doors is not a requirement. I'm not going to be able to afford something spectacular, but I definitely want a car that I can enjoy.

    I love the new Mazda MX-5, and I'm going to test-drive one soon to see if I can be comfortable inside of one. I'm not that tall at 5'10", but the extra pounds I carry could make it a tight fit. I wouldn't be able to buy it new with the extra 3-4k$ we get to pay for living in an island + high demand because everyone HAS to have a car, but a good condition 2016 car would be perfect if I can enjoy being in it.

    There's always the Volkswagen GTI, and the current gen looks awesome, but new ones start at over $30k here and they are slow to depreciate, as people here seem to think they are made of diamonds. If I can get a current gen base GTI lightly used with a manual transmission as close to $20k as possible I'd be pretty happy. Even if I know a couple of horror stories from friends who had older VWs, but in my head I'd be avoiding most of it by going with a manual transmission. The GTI of course looks much more refined than the Elantra GT, and a lot more mature/less quirky than the Veloster R Spec.

    I've also been looking at the Hyundai Elantra GT Sport hatchback, the 201hp turbo , and the handling are not spectacular, but fun enough. I really like the interior with its red accents, and the seats are awesome at its price point, very comfortable when I tried them. The chrome accents on the outside are ugly as ****, though, something the Veloster R Spec solves. The Veloster has the same engine, and the only thing lacking in the interior is the awesome-for-the-price leather(leatherette) seats, but the Veloster is cheaper amd the seats it comes with are not bad, with yellow and gray accents to make them interesting. These I'd be able to afford new in the low $20ks, and new is the only option here, because the 2018/2019 models are the only ones I care about.

    Other options I'm looking at are:

    • Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86 / Subaru BR-Z - Seems seems like a cool car, and will have to check one out, but I don't know much about them yet.
    • Fiesta ST / Focus ST - The interiors are very outdated, but not insufferable, and the recaro seats are a little tight for me. I'm just not willing to pay for the Fiesta ST / Focus ST with the amazing interior of the Elantra GT and Veloster R Spec available for less.That immediate turning of the fiesta makes me feel things, though, if only i could get one really cheap.
    • Subaru WRX - like the GTI, people seem to think its made of diamonds and don't want to sell them for less than an arm and a testicle. To put it into perspective, this year I saw a new fully equipped WRX STi being sold at an eye-watering $68k, which is nuts, considering it is worth half that much in reality. Also, the owners think they are in a racetrack at all times, and most of the examples you find have been poorly modified, mechanically and aesthetically.
    I'm open to other/older options if I can find them in good condition. If you look at the list of cars I listed, you'll notice I like smaller/lighter cars. The inflated looks and ugly long hoods of something like a Camaro or a Mustang are not for me.
  2. I would pick the Focus ST. If I remembered correctly, it had decent reliability, and is the best looking among the cars on that list. But styling is all about personal preferences. You might think another car is better looking.

    As far as I know, all cars you have mentioned are pretty fun to drive based on the magazine reports.

    My suggestion is check out consumer report for their reliability before making a decision. My guess is Toyota GT86 is the most reliable.
  3. Focus ST. Get the Toybaru if you don't mind getting passed by minivans.
  4. I'm partial to the fiesta, which is also cheaper.

    I went to a dealership today to see a 2014 GTI they posted on fb, and I discovered something interesting. While the GTI was absurdly priced at $22k, there was a 2017 Jetta GLI right beside it for -the same fucking price-. It's smack in the middle of Kelley Blue Book's fair price window, which is very rare here. The Jetta GLI is basicaly a top GTI with all the options, but with 45 less torques which sells for almost $40k new in my market.
  5. Miata RF
  6. Corvette Blue Devil. /thread
  7. I would kill a bucket of babies for it, but the prices, though. I've seen it used... USED! for $45k
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  8. I have my mind completely set on getting an MX-5, and after some research and talking to an old contact in the car business I was able to get a lot of good info on how importing an MX-5 at a reasonable price may work. Looks like the lightly used MX-5 in Club trim may happen, maybe even an RF for the good looks!
  9. I bet your vagina will love it.
  10. It is so ready.
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  11. the RF is the only car I want
  12. A brand new car finder tool to help you with your car buying process. With so many models available, choosing a car can be a daunting process.
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  13. thanks stewart

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