hi im bbcstachas2

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  1. Ok i didnt say donting i said doing!
  2. Way to edit your post dumbass
  3. Dont try to be slick! it was there way before you posted. so dont try to be slick!
  4. Yay now your lying!
  5. Its only my opinoin but no you people got to go over the hills! you need to target people and to try and prove a point!
  6. B.S dont give me that! i know what i put there before you posted so once again dont act like your slick!
  7. These people on here think im stupid when it my own opinoin like 50% of the time and this rest is reallty but like America they try to go to war over it.
  8. YOur opinion is stupid <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  9. Then dont reply to them! your just making your self look stupid just like bush. Once again theres that dominatace issue i was talking I mean are you looking any better than me by argueing over the net?
  10. What is dominatace?
  11. Short for dominance
  12. my sincerest thanks bbcstachas2 for contributing to this thread. Your addition to this thread has made much more of an impact than any of the links.
  13. Sorry this is my show!
  14. theres nobody posting. theyre all laughing at your stupidity.
  15. I didnt ment for them to laugh at it i mean they are the ones who reply!
  16. i am replying cause i want you to post more. its great!
  17. Thats the same reason why im posting but since your trying to get me banned im not going to take the bait! so see yah!

    i dont want you banned. you are the most entertaining person on the site.
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  20. bbcstachas2 is the sc.net retarded.
  21. "im doing it im my own words unlike you people that need to bring up the past"

    -Edited by bbcstachas2 - Sat, Oct 2, 6:26 PM

    "WTF is donting?"

    -Posted: Sat, Oct 2, 6:21 PM

    Shut the #$%# up, slick.
  22. Next time you edit something to correct the spelling, make sure you fix ALL your mistakes.
  23. Oh my God, shut the #$%# up you stupid #$%#ing son of a #$%#ing #%[email protected] Someone should explode you.
  24. just noticed that too,

    damn LIAR!

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