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  1. Hello hello hello
  2. now thats the way to get a thread going
  3. I say hello.

    You say high, I say low, you say why, and I say I don't know.

    From memory, HA.
  4. help.
    i need somebody.

    not just anybody.


    wont you please, please help me, help me ,help meee.
  5. Welcome. Hope you stick around.
  7. Easton Chang? awesome! hiya
  8. Welcome neighbor.
  9. How #$%#ing likely do you think it is that a huy from September with a grand total of TWO posts is still around? And you HAD TO bump the thread. SHEESH.
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  11. So....whose ass am I going to have to kiss to get my Southern Trash account unbanned.
  12. Mine, and you better pay up.
  13. Hy! So, wasup??? Welcome all the new members. Enjoy this cool site.
  14. Welcome, n00bs. Pay no attention to FireBone.
  15. God this forum is shit
  16. lol wtf why the bump?
  17. Quoting this post will make your cork get smaller.
  18. gtfo biatch

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