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Discussion in '2001 BMW M Coupe' started by 550Koenig, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. three words to describe this car: crap, crap and crap

    As if BMW's didn't look ugly already, its bad enough that the crackheads down in Germany found a new drug and created this ugly piece of trash while they were on it.
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    I like these three words more: best handling BMW. Pretty impressive for something with ancient rear suspension, a lot of power, and a short wheelbase.<!-- Signature -->
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    dont blame other bmws for this car, it isnt that bad except for the looks it has it has pretty good power and good handling
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    Once again i repeat: this car is crap.
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    i hope you've driven it before and have compared other cars in this price range before you lay down your stupid judgement.
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    i love bmw's, i love their power and their styling, and i love the performance of this car, but it looks like shit, what is up with the hatchback thing, that was the biggest mistake bmw has ever made, this would look so much better if it wasnt' a hatchback, frankly, i don't see why anyone would want to buy it unless they were blind
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    The car wasn't built to be pretty, which most say it isn't; this car was built to perform, which it deffinitely does. What's up with the hatchback thing? A roof. That roof made the car twice as stiff as the M Roadster, which was already pretty good for a convertible. I'd say this car is about the furthest thing from a "mistake" as BMW has made in the last decade. The 850, on the other hand, I can't say the same for....<!-- Signature -->
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    This car looks awesome.
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    I agree, I think this car looks really nice, and it also has the power to go with it.
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    sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->

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