Holly Sh** you've got to read this!

Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by MAXUS, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Talking about drifting, two of my frds always drift in their CRV and RAV 4 respectively. They call their cars, fastest stock crv/rav 4 in coquitlam. Both of these guys are crazy. THey always race together. Once, they were racing from Richmond to Coquitlam, and they arrived in 20 minutes (usually it would take 45 min).
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    Lol some people shouldnt be allowed out on the road. But in every case there are people/races that have more worse drivers on average. I mean here in Australia sry 2 say but there are a hell of a lot of bad Asian drivers.(sorry not tryin 2 be racist just thats my experience) Also most of you guys seem 2 be tellin stories of how another guy has screwed up on the road. Man from my experiences driving with men and women. I get out of the car when a women is driving a nervous wreck. Not becos they are women just becos they are terrible drivers. It's like with my mother know. She used to be a really great driver know she doesnt concentrate on the road and it is just plain scary at times. Dont get me wrong there are plenty of bad Male drivers out there and plenty of good male/female drivers.

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