holy shit!

Discussion in '2000 Bugatti 18/4 Veyron Concept' started by RadoMan, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. 18 cylinders and it has 555 horsepower? what the hell?

    and the veyron has 1001 horsepower in a W16.
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    the torque must be astounding...
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    479.4 Pound Feet is not astounding.
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    Thats probably the first real running 18/4 specs. I'm sure it will increase once all the bugs are out.
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    Does it really matter where a car comes from????? people are always moaning about yank muscle or eurocars, Can't you just understand that cars are all about your own personal taste, like anything else in the world. In the end you screaming NOS SUCKS and EUROCARS RULE is not gonna make any difference to anybodies opinion. Just grow up and FOR FUCKS SAKE WHY are so many of the people that reply to the threads talking as if they are 10 years old and know jack about cars any way??? The internet never fails to amaze me!!!!
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    Did you even notice the 4 turbos on the 16/4?
    Without them you won't get nearly as much.
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    as stated above by other people the turbo's help a hell of a lot. at around 3 bar boost you can get around twis the hp. well depending on the car and the turbos but it is a relitive average.

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