House alarm?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. We just had one installed - never had one before, so i was wondering how many of you people have alarm systems in the house you live in?
  2. My house alarm does DOOT DOOT DOOT DOOT

    edit: I don't have an alarm
  3. haah i'd love that.

    someone breaks into your house, and all they hear is some crazy techno/house music
  4. No, but my grandparents have one on their house. As far as i know, they've never needed it, but have set it off themselves countless times. The police and the fire department are actually pretty understanding and reasonable about it.
  5. my house doesn't have an alarm, but rather a moat filled with sharks with lazers attached to thier heads
  6. Yes, with firealarm.
  7. my parrents house, no we have a dog. in my own house, also no.
  8. We got a Think pro 1 from think protection and got them installed in our house. Invasion are so common these days. Get one, for you have more comfort and more the peace!!
  9. i have a cat
  10. I'm pretty sure this thread is almost 10 years old
  11. nope, neighborhood is way too calm for this. I do lock my door but still I don't see a need for it

    Not sure how it is for you guys in different countries but here its like 10-20-30$ / month to be connected to a "central" that monitors their customers. its a ripoff.
  12. no alarm, but 15cm of width steel bullet proof security door, with 4 points lock is enough.
  13. okay that's it. I'm now in the "hemi has been trolling us for over a decade" camp.
  14. Old thread is old.

    My house has an alarm system, but I rarely set it because I also have (pictured below) with free reign of the house 24/7.

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  15. I don't live in a camp, you #$%#ing idiot. #$%#ing uneblievable how full of immaturity and imbecility you are.
  16. Haha! I didn't even say you lived in a camp, dude. wtf, calm down.

  17. No, because I'm just in an apartment, when I get a house I will.
  18. Of course you did. You said "I'm now in the "hemi has been trolling us for over a decade" camp."

    See? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  19. I said Hemi was a troll.

    I said *I* was in a figurative "camp"
  20. Also the subject is wrong
  21. The 20+ africans who live down my alleyway keep most people away
  22. Excuse me but 105k post of brainless immaturity portrait you as the perfect nerd and lazy troll on all counts
  23. everyone has alarms over here

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