How are you?

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  1. They like that I'm using the phone to talk to people, but they've no clue as to what I do on the computer.
  2. That's odd they don't care about how productively you use the computer. Hook up with a cute nurse when she's giving you a sponge bath.
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  4. I hope you get well soon.

    Happy Xmas.
  5. hai bbz

    i might be getting some pills of some sort on monday. duno though. i'll keep you posted!

    fun fun fun fun fun fun fun
  6. thanks guys, and it looks like that I won't have to have ECT.
  7. happy pills?
  8. some kind of medication. i duno what. i guess they'd make me a bit happier when i'm down so i just called them happy pills.

    i might not be getting them but yeah i'll see tomorrow. got an appointment at 9am

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