How do you like your women?

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  1. How do you like your women?

    In the basement.
  2. Hello, my name is Dr. Joseph Frieschel, and I believe that we share a common interest.
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  4. Agreed. It would either be a blond Irish or a Japanese. The happen to mix well too
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  6. scandinavian, slavic as well western and central. Preferably tall and with a nice chest.
  7. b(.)(.)bs
  8. As long as they are sexy and in great shape it really dosen't matter. I do tend to think South American women are hot. Long black hair, in shape, dark skin, nice butt.....perfect.
  9. barefoot and in the kitchen?
  10. correct because a nice cleavage is always a pleasant sight.
  11. I have yellow fever. So it's the Asians i prefer.
  12. I really like black girls.
  14. if they're not born in the 90's i'm not interested
  15. I dated one a few years ago..I kept finding half smoked J's in her bed..cracked me up.
  16. You sure they weren't only about 40% smoked?
  17. I prefer Slavic ... Russian/Balkan looking..

    and / or

    Mediterranean Looking... (not semitic) More like Greek/Armenian/Italian/Caucasian/Georgian..

    But Nordic/Scandanavians too at times..
  18. wait wait, i know this one

    "in a plastic cup"


    "covered in bees"

    These posts have likely already been made.

    STFU i'm not searching through 10 pages of shit for them
  19. Best thing about Cali, its filled w/ a lot of hot Latinas.
  21. I prefer cocks.

    I heard you do too? But you like cocks on chicks... weird.
  22. You heard bullshit. I like chicks with large #$%#s. I hope I am clear.
  23. interesting.. im going to check this one out.. thanks a lot

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