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  1. how on earth did they manage to lose 50 hp?
  2. ls2.. its not a z06...
  3. Aesthetics over performance doesn't make anyone happy.
  4. its not aesthetics they just suck, to lose that much power is simply unexcusable
  5. damn... downgrading in both looks and performance. Wtf?
  6. Its a typo, it has 545hp.
  7. I love the way the thing looks with two exceptions: the wheels and the side skirts. The rear is plain awesome.
  8. that's a really good looking car.
  9. i dont like the way it looks at all...
  10. yea i like the tail lights pretty impressive everything else looks shitty. The fact that they slowed it down with those wheels makes me want to cry alittle too.
  11. The rear looks wild but the rest of it is a bit tame for my tastes. Yes, I am a maniac, I know!
  12. Way to ruin a decent car, fellas. What a POS.
  13. I'm going to hope that you're right. I have not yet heard of Genaddi reducing power to any of their cars yet so it'd be ridiculous to start now (especially to a ZO6). They have again proved their craftsmanship in making a car stronger and I do love the design overall. Hey, they don't make the best looking cars, but they do make completely original designs (they never cease to fascinate me). Overall, I like this car.
  14. Thats good, because I like the look. If it had lost power I would have thought crap. Though good looking crap.
  15. Typo, company press states 505hp

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