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  1. yeah, i just recently bought a 2000 4 dr honda accord SE, and i am in need of some opinion/tips. i wanna turbo it in the near future, what brand or kind of turbo should i use? what should i do first? i've always heard that i should get the essential 3... "intake/header/exhaust" but what kinds or brands?? and any other advice or tips anyone can hook me up with will be appreciated!!
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    I would recommend selling your accord and hanging yourself, you are the biggest idiot I have ever seen in my entire life. No matter what you do to this car it will be slow. It is a #$%#ing Honda Accord, not a race car.

    If your still intent on modding it out, you don't even have to buy stuff. Steal a park bench and make a wing out of it, and use a coffee can as a muffler. That will make your Honda sweet.
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    Are Accords even Turbo? I would do what ever you think looks/drives better. The Type-R bodykit might look nice on it, or any aftermarket kits. just try and give it some grunt to match its looks.<!-- Signature -->
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    Okay if you trick out a 4 dr accord you are lame.

    We don't need another Fast and Furious wannabe out there.

    However, if you don't heed my advice and do decide to mod your car, do the under-the-hood stuff first. It's called "all show-no go," meaning your car is all eyecandy - but it's slow as molasses (which accords are).

    So do yourself a favor and get those big 3 if that's the path you want to take.

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    if ur gonna "supe" ne thing up, start out with something that is actually built for performance. (trying to think of something japanese you can buy stock built for performance) Sorry cant think of anything... get a mustang or somethin, i prefer somethin with some get up and go, not this high rev tuner shit that u gotta make the RPM's go to like a million in order to get any power.
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    wow so did 5 families on a 4 house street! an accord is a family car, but you can tune the coupe. the honda accord 4 door is one of the MOST POPULAR CARS ON THE ROAD.. noone cares if you have an accord everyone does cause its an affordable acura..same engine as the tl.. the accord is nothing special. its a downgraded acura cause its the same company. dont tune an accord unless its the coupe cause then it weighs less and u look like a bigger retard if u tune a 4 door
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    Japanese performance cars? there are lots:

    high priced: Skyline, Supra, NSX, RX7, GTO

    medium priced: S2000, Silvia S15, RX8, Lan Evo, WRX, Celica, etc

    low priced: Civic Type R, Integra Type R, Silvia S13/S14, Miata, Corolla GT-Apex, etc.

    All of these are highly tunable and the cost to tune is not high. They are also very reliable.
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    I have good advise they have a Fmax kit starting at $3399 you will need the exhaust dut dont get a intake and headers the just give you a new one with the kit. OBX and Apexi are my fav. Your 2000 4DR Accord will look good and be fast to go with the looks with a nice body kit.

    Some site to check are www.hondaracing.com
    www.totallytuned.com www.extremedemensions.com
    These sites should hook you up with the right stuff.
    Hope you have a great time tuning your masterpeace. www.turbokits.com you can find your fmax turbo.
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    Still as dumb as you've always been, eh?

    I don't believe he said anything to indicate that he wanted to ryce out his car, perhaps he actually wants to turn it into a good performer, as for the race car bit, as far as handling goes, the Accord (even the 4-door) has far more potential than that hideous thing in your avatar.

    I wouldn't exactly consider 0-60 in 6.1 seconds slow, nor 14.7 in the 1/4. Not fast, but definitely not slow.
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    hahahahahahahhahahahahaha. damn that sux
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    nimrod, the 2000 Accord is quite fast.
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    compared to what.. thats not fast. face it man those little hondas arent meant to be fast. accords handle like crap..the last one i drove like a 98 or 99 i turn the wheel and it took a long time before the car moved. and it had a lot of bodie roll a lot.
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    I swapped the 2000 Euro R accord engine into my 89 prelude, and it hauls ass. I out handle (with stock suspension) mustang gt's and camero z28s and out-accelerate both. I've never really owned a fast car before, but this feels plenty fast to me (mustang/camero owners think so too :p).
    IMO though, I don't think I'd turbo the Euro R. The engine is an already pretty high strung, well tuned, NA setup. And at 11.1 compression (or something up there) it doesn't make the best canidate for a forced induction setup. For FI I would go with a less expensive h22 equiped car (if it's the h22 your loving. actually I'd swap the h22 into something else, but that's just me) and build the engine for the application. With the Euro R though, you could take steps to raise compression and such to keep it NA but still produce a decent amount of power. It's just such a nice engine, it seems sacreligious to taint it with a turbo. Not that turbo's are bad, but it's already such a nicely tuned NA motor.
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    damn thats cool do you run it often at the races?
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    nah. Haven't had a chance to take it to the track yet what with winter and all. Hopefully sometime this summer. But, It's not crazy sick fast, just pretty quick and fun to drive. I expect to be somewhere in the mid to high 13s in the quarter (I hope).
    I have had it up to 150+mph though. And it wasn't finished, I had to slow down because, well, driving that fast is retarded :p
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    (not in a rude way) why would you swap it if you dont want to speed or race.
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    Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    That's cool, how'd you manage to get ahold of that engine? how much did it cost altogether?

    I've been thinking of sticking an F20C under the hood of my EF Chassis Civic, turn it into an AWD and use it as both a straightline sleeper, and rally machine.
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    who givez a shit
  20. congrats its a honda
  21. my grandma owns a 2000 accord

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