I might be getting a car...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by GT40 2, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. a 1970 mustang coupe 302 4sp, $575. The only major problem is it has been rear ended.
  2. That's small money for any car. I wouldn't buy it, unless you have the bucks to fix it up.
  3. Im a hundred off on the price, its actualy $675.
  4. exacitly how tore up is the rear? For your money you probably could do better, its not exacitly cheap to keep older cars running. at some point just everything goes because of age, on my 78 it has cost me about 400-500 in the last year just having brake lines replaced due to age, and upgrading the rest of the brake system.
  5. all im gonna say is, cash talks. offer 500 cash. see where that goes.
  6. If the frame is twisted, then it's a bad deal at almost any price. Besides that, if you can keep the repair costs under control, sounds like it could be a good deal.
  7. I would save up for a better car especially if the frame is jacked up.
  8. the frame is fine, the trunk lid, 1 tail light,1 quarter panel and the bumper need replacment. The other quarter panel can be repaired, I would buy this car as a project.
  9. ehhh, that's doable. At least the frame is ok (whew!) If it's a project & you have the time & resources, then go for it & post pics of your progress!! I wish you luck.

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