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  1. I've seen him live... 4 times now.


    but no seriously, so much fun. Another must see for CB
  2. ugh wanna know when hes coming to austin so bad. He was here for ACL last year, which I was outta town for.

    hes one of the only peeps I really wanna see bad.

    Although when I was walking around in seattle a couple weeks ago I was mega sad when I saw that Zeds Dead was playing at a random joint I walked by. Didnt even know he would come to the US. Pretty unknown UK DJ. Just found out he was here in december. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  3. dude..
    that's a pretty sweet versatile line-up, especially Deadmau5 live, was so dope during the 2010 Olympics
  4. gonna love star#$%#er too
  5. please watch your language
  6. I would see Grouplove, Foster the People and Best Coast. I don't know if you will like but I would so there.
  7. and prolly vaccines
  8. I always wanted to go to this event, sucks that I'll be out of town.
  9. that does look a pretty sick lineup actually

    may i recommend the vaccines, top new band
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    Sick lineup

    Still a sick video of Deadma5 from chicago. Next time I neeed to make it.

  11. so who did you decide to stand at the back fence and cross your arms/slowly nod your head to while holding a disposable cup of beer?
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    deadmau5 sucks ass.

    oh look, another one for the list.
  13. I'm going alone but
    I'm going to wear a witty tshirt or hat
    Maybe someone will get it and come talk to me
    Then they will be my friend
    We will be inseparable
  14. its funny that you troll yourself without even realizing it
  15. its almost the same lineup as ottawa bluesfest, maybe we can skype chat eachother while we each attend (alone), friend.
  16. enlighten me
  17. If you haven't seen Muse live you should check them out, they put on awesome shows. STS9 also has some pretty cool tracks.
  18. i do tihnk dead mau5 makes shitty trance for girls but its still better thant he garbage you like
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    If you're going to hate on him, it might help to actually know what genre his stuff is.
  20. I swear I remember you saying you love Deadmau5
  21. that definitely wasn't me.
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    im not hating on him, im mehing at him
  23. think ur thinking of kid cudi or david guetta or smthn

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