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  1. Do you think it will be able to break the Veyron's top speed record???
  2. Maybe, it better be a complete new engine cuz it can't take much more boost as it is, and probably can't go 25k miles w/ out an overhaul
  3. How much boost u think it will be runing?
  4. How much boost u think it will be runing?
  5. How much boost u think it will be runing?
  6. I think it can do it. put in in the right track with the right tires and it should break the record. but it has to go into production first..
  7. I'm going to believe in Koenigsegg just like I believed in the Veyron.. Can't wait to hear what this baby is going to do!
  8. I think it was on something like 18.5 psi on the CCR, so probably not much more. I'm sure they made more advancements in the engine, instead of just upping the boost.

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  9. I don't think the Veyron was naturally going to be the fastest car out there, VW had to pour a LOT of money into it to help it better out the CCR, which it barely did. I would say if they put enough money into this car they can better the veyron.
  10. same here. i mean, Koenigsegg has the technology to do it. Their CCR went past 240 mph, so It's a safe bet to say that Koenigsegg can increase the speed by 10 or so miles
  11. soz bout the three posts i duno how that happened
  12. They'd be idiots to just keep boosting the engine that was in the CCr, that thing was on its way to death with all the boosts it had. If they were smart, which I'm sure they are, its a new engine and they're boosing it like mad. Im confident it'll beat the veyron, cause dont forget, this thing is FAR more aerodynamic than the veyron, that thing was like a massive 1000hp lump, so...yeah, this thing definitely has what it takes.
  13. i think it can definitely beat the veyron. lets watch this space...
  14. of course the ccx will eat veyron alive!! by the way veyron is so #$%#ing ugly!
  15. why would they need a new engine when the ccr's engine already produces enough power? 806hp is probably more than enough for a car that weighs almost 2000lbs less than a veyron to propel it to over 250mph. i think they're just going to make the ccx lighter and refine its aerodynamics. koenigsegg will probably make the ccx more powerful than the ccr, but i serously doubt they'll give it a new engine.
  16. I'd like to see it beat the Veyron just because of how unexciting and unspecial it is in the way it delivers its performance. However, we must keep in mind just how insane the Veyron really is. First of all, its true (unlimited) top speed is actually 258 mph and change. The second key limits it to 253 to protect the tires. Secondly, this thing is far and away faster than anything ever made. As I've read in a few publications, if a Veyron and a McLaren F1, the previous fastest-accelerating car (yes, it accelerates faster than the over-boosted, long-geared CCR) were to have a drag race, the F1 could start out at 130 mph and the Veyron would catch up by the time both reached 200. Every magazine loved the Veyron, even the ones wanting to hate it. Love it or hate it (I'm indifferent), the Bugatti Veyron is far and away the fastest car ever, and it will take more than a little more boost or even a re-engineered V8 to beat it as fastest road car.
  17. Oh well, 1035 hp S7 gonna kill them all, and not just at top speed.
  18. shut up. but obviously, the Veyron can't actually get to that speed. It's just like the SCC Ultimate Aero, and the company saying it can get over 260 mph.
    I think that the CCR should beat it no problem.
  19. Mass has next to nothing to do with top speed.
  20. From what I can see of it, this is a tad bit more aerodynamic, but that's not going to be enough to beat the Veyron in top speed if they keep the same engine. It probably for sure is a new engine because I doubt they'd add much more boost to the one they already have.
  21. id gess its the same engine with some mods with a new gearbox. maybe even 7 speed. tweek the airodynamics and it will make a huge difference.

    50:50 if it can beat the veyron in top speed. but will distroy it around a track.
  22. Actually, weight has little to do with top speed other than slighly incresing the rolling resistance... but from Koenigsegg's orginal aerodynamic claims (CdA of .542), the orignal car (CCR) should have topped out somewhere in the vacinity of 253 mph on the 806 bhp that it had. They did say the banked Nardo test circuit scrubbed off some speed, which is true, but the 240.8 mph is well short of that (100 whp, actually) so I reckon their aero figues are bunk to some extent. Perhaps the CCX has the necessacary aero adjustments to make the difference as that is all that it would really take. That being said, I'd take a 240 mph CCR over a 250 mpg Veyron any day of the week... a seperior car in just about every area aside from power-to-drag at very high speeds... something not likely to be experenced on the road... plus it's fugly.
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    for those of you that dont understand norwegian, its an article about a ritch guy from norway who has just bought the ccx,
    delivery in july/august, so probably one of the first,
    he also had the ccr, saw it once as he blew down the street,
    awsome sound.
    anyways the article says the engine is 900+hp, 1180kg, 0-100 in 3,1 sec and a top speed of more than 400km/h

    pricetag: 510.000 euro

    he gets the car about the same time he gets his liscense back, wonder how long he will keep it?
  24. Mass has a lot to do with top speed. If a car weighs 4000 lbs and has 1000 hp, then each horse is pushing 4 lbs into the wind. If it is suddenly 3000 lbs, then there are 250 more horsepower to push it through the same wind. It is all about excess power.

    The CCR has 806 hp and goes 241 mph. If this were its top speed, which i'm not sure then for the CCX to go faster, all other things being equal, like aero, stability, and gearing, it needs between 950-1000hp. Now that is 20-25% more than before. If you just increase the boost then you need to push boost from 19 to 24 psi. This could be possible, but i'm not sure if the engine can be reliable.

    Of course all other things are not equal. We will have to see what they come up with.

    It is definitely possible. If you need proof, almost 70 years ago, two cars went about 270 mph. We have unleaded fuel, fuel injection, advanced electronics, wind tunnels, and better suspension and tires. It is definitly possible.
  25. They said somewhere in the article about upgrading stuff in the engine.

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