If I had $2500...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Panzer, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. $2500?!
    Jesus Christ.
    Epic waste of money.
  2. Not when I could sell it to a Indian for 5gs.
  3. I hope you didnt mean the 80s turds posted in this thread when you said "old" caddys. If so, lol.
  4. Fvck you and your shitty looking 70s/80s MBs. They look old and dated as #$%#. Not that I disagree with you on the caddys looking ghetto(70s/80s ones are lame, 60s ones look slick as #$%# though)... CLEARLY the classiest luxury car of the 70s/80s was the Jaguar XJ. It's not even debatable.
  5. WHa\t!?!
  6. You could get a Nano.
  7. I prefer older Coupe Devilles.
  8. Interiour is far better.
  9. 80's Jaguars are almsot as big turds as the Caddys, the sad thing is, the CAddys even have better quality. Anyone dissing an 80s Benz is a #$%#ing moron. It was their best time when they were making the best quality cars. Shit, look at the curret Benzes and how hard they are trying to mimic that angular look of the 80s car to make people remember that they once made good cars.
  10. BAH! The Jags had most of the major electrical issues ironed out by 81/82, and there never has been anything wrong with the XK inline 6. So they were just fine. It's the 74-81s that are steaming piles of shit. Even my Series I is solid as #$%#, almost all the electrical is original still. Lasting 36 years=just fine by me.

    Besides I wasn't talking in terms of reliability anyway. I'm talking aesthetics, which is what this whole argument started as. Everyone knows the Benz's were build like #$%#ing tanks back then, but they just don't look that great IMO. Better than a lot of 80s cars? Sure. Better than the gorgeous, Italian designed sheet metal of the Series III Jaguar XJ??? Not so much.
  11. Jags have been turds forever. The electrics STILL aren't totally ironed out. As for the engines, the 6 may be reliable, but the V8 and V12 will kill you every time you go near a mechanic. If I wanted an Italian-styled car with dodgy mechanicals, I'd get an Alfa Romeo.
  12. My dads 97 Jaguar and my 1972 would both beg to differ.

    I'm not trying to insult your knowledge or anything but you basically are spouting off myths. I've turned into a Jaguar geek and have looked into them much more than you probably have that's all.

    I had 1 original relay go out in my 72 and that's about it. When I opened 'er up I discovered essentially everything was still the original wiring. They had a bad stint when they were being run by the British Government in the 70s, and after going indy again they got it more or less taken care of. NO they're not Toyota reliable, but neither are new MBs... As a matter of fact new Jags are more reliable than MBs have been for some time.

    Yes the V12s are a nightmare, but the 8 was straightened out after being on the market for a few years.
  13. spare more money and buy a 1970 fleetwood with the 472ci v8
  14. BTW, I ment turd quality-wise not looks. The Jag looks 100x better than a shitty 80s caddy.
  15. Well as I said they weren't as bad as people think, but they weren't great either... So I'll give you that point.

    I still say 80s Jag>>>>>80s Mercedes.
  16. Get one in MN, $1000 USD for clean examples with under 100k miles. 74-86
  17. If I had $2500, my car would have more HP.
  18. That white car in the original post is so ugly. Honestly, how can anyone think it looks good? All it's missing is the bull horns at the tip of the bonnett.
  19. That white car in the original post is so ugly. Honestly, how can anyone think it looks good? All it's missing is the bull horns at the tip of the bonnett.
  20. There are some from the 80's that are ok, but yeah the older ones are better. That said my uncle has 2 in a restoration project, a 55 and a 64, I havent seen the pictures lately but they were coming along nicely last time I saw them. Might get some this summer.
  21. This>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>any Cadillac
  22. You're just flagrantly wrong.
  23. Those are so hot.

  24. + a million
  25. FAIL

    See bucknutz post.

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