if you had to give up your kid for adoption

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Hemistage.
  2. If BR and I had to give little Rob up, I'd pick Communista or ESP.
  3. You could only dream that a bastard spawn of yours were to receive the kind of upbringing I would provide.
  4. Esp, really? Hes a heavy drug user. I couldnt imagine a less safer environment for kids
  5. How does a recreational pot smoker get called a "heavy drug user?" Come on now. Plus, it's completely legal...same as alcohol.

    My wife is the most motherly person on the damn planet. She could raise anything.

    By the way, Clever Robot...I'm quite flattered.
  6. Did your parents smoke weed? Did your wife's parents?

    Just curious, purely for the sake of empiricism.
  7. Don't start again about weed and tell us about your child. Does she have a disability or something because you are so secretive?
  8. Mine, yeah in the 60s-70s. Hers, no. She was raised Mormon.

    Edit: her Dad probably tried it like once.
  9. Why people are choosing me?
  11. You're basically already our Dad.
  12. you can have raised a pair of babbys.
  13. The child will be fantastic in math.
  15. I am also good at math so I agree with this statement.
  16. Skleats. She seemed very motherly. I wouldn't trust a man to do the proper amount of closeness that is required for emotional security.
  17. s
  18. I'd bet money he spends more time in front of a mirror trying to make himself sound smart before he goes online. So yeah, zero attention to baby.

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