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  1. ... Like a choice between different fetishes?

    Like you choose a job because it gives u some kind of buzz

    And then u spend the money on your various fetishes

    Driving cars for pleasure
    Watching films for pleasure
    Eating for pleasure
    Sex for pleasure

    Like your whole life consists of trying to satisfy your desires?

    Excuse me if this thread is dumb I hope it leads to some interesting thoughts and ideas.

    Like the ultimate fetish is to kill am I wrong?
  2. No. Go see a therapist
  3. But we do things because they give us pleasure right? Is that not a fetish
  4. A fetish is sexual. Not all pleasure is sexual.

    In answer to your question: No.
  5. Ok then.

    But. The ultimate expression of domination would be to kill someone
    And the ultimate expression of submission would be to be killed by someone or be a slave.

    Are we not all being submissive in a job as we are like slaves
    Unless we are a boss in which case you are being dominant

    I know these are not new ideas I'm just throwing ideas around
  6. Sometimes I'll eat a bunch of McDonald's because that's what I want to do at that moment

    Then I'll feel like shit. How do you explain that
  7. Why do you feel bad? You are bored as you've satisfied your hunger/desire?
  8. I think I should read some books on the subject.

    Thanks for the comments!
  9. deep thought adrian
  10. No, because we choose to work that job. Unless you're an idiot or have a shitty work ethic. Then, you work the job because you have no choice.

    And, we all know; life is like a box of chocolates.
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  12. Seriously just discuss this with a psychiatrist
  13. Yes, through an evolutionary perspective.
  14. 2 chicks at the same time
  15. Hierarchy of needs. If you don't have everything you need, you focus on obtaining those things. Once you have that, you focus on everything you want... or at least what you think you want.

    If your pleasures are modest, and you have everything you want, life is pretty easy. Most people can't handle that kind of simplicity so they tend to destroy what they have, resetting the hierarchy of needs.

    If you haven't been honest with yourself, then what you want is still out there. So now you focus on that.

    If you can afford the time and energy to focus on fetishes, you're doing pretty well.

    If you have everything you truly want, and you're still thinking about weird shit, chances are you'll end up becoming a psychopath. You should probably re-evaluate your life plan now before it's too late. Read some Buddhist stuff, or something.
  16. I wrote that last post without reading all of yours. Fetishing about killing someone is pretty out there though. I know people who've had to take lives in battle, and reconciling the mental ramifications has destroyed them. If you can think about taking a life and not be terrified of the prospect, you really should go speak to someone. Don't let this stuff fester in your mind. Good that you're asking about it, externalizing it without acting on it is not common, and not easy..
  17. I had a really long response to this all typed out. I just deleted it and revert to my original post

    Edit: I don't mean it in a dickhead way either. I mean it genuinely. If these are the thoughts you're having, go see someone.
    If you are just trying to theorize, there are much better things to theorize about
  18. can we get fordmans input here
  19. Whoa, I didn't see his conclusion either.

    I hope he was just trying to philosophize...
  20. dont worry im not going to kill anyone.

    what I mean by the ultimate fetish is like a government they have everything in place they control everyones lives and now for fun? they incage in military conflicts and often torture and killing just because they can?

    IM chilled and was just thinking about things

    I am aware of the heirachy of needs so thanks for bringing that up.
  21. so survival, and self preservation of our genes is what drives us in all our actions and desires. we kill and eat other animals for our own self preservation....

    its like wheelman said once you have the basics down then u can do things just for amusement and pleasure..

    and killing another person for your own survival is I guess is what is going on with governments... its not because its actually pleasurable. Though the game of survival in a combat zone could be seen as pleasurable. like a fetish?

    domination is a fetish.
  22. I still don't think fetish is the right word to be using.

    Why the fixation?
  23. survival , the ultimate "fetish"

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