Its my last night in the states

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  1. I wanna know about Dublin at 4:40 in the morning. GOOOOO

    - Where should I go
    -Who should I visit/ would you be willing to visit? (Veyronman, Moo, ect..?)
    - I wanna travel Europe,how should I do this? (train, plane, automobile?)
    -What places should I go to if im new to Europe and by myself?
    -I'm going to University College Dublin. Anybody here been?
    -This is the first time I went abroad for more than a week, what should I do? Pubs?

    Tell me about your experiences!!!!

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  2. Dublin is the fastest growing city in Europe.

    It keeps dublin' and dublin'
  3. you just went to a bankrupt economy. people are gonna kill foreigners.
  4. If you're anywhere near Nottingham I'll buy you a drink*/brownies etc.

    Europe is best traversed by train. There are tickets you can buy that last for like a month all across europe on participating rail networks. I think it's called Inter-rail or Eurorail or something like that.

    *in the oldest pub in the UK. opened in 1189 or something like that.
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  6. The economy is on the rise now, everybody is happy.
  7. not in ireland.
  8. obviously gods punishment for not having gay marriage
  9. If you were going for less than a month I would recommend getting around by plane (EasyJet). That was the cheapest option for me at the time. But if you are staying awhile, as it seems you are, definitely get Eurail pass. You should check out Budapest. One of my favorite cities I've visited and it doesn't have too many tourists. You can get a nice hostel there for pretty cheap. If you get a chance definitely hit up Bath and London in England. Bristol is alright, not too much to see but it has its places(stayed there for about two weeks).
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    Bath is fantastic. the roman remains are practically complete! it's amazing.

    Also, if you have time to go to the north west of england you'll be treated to views like this:,%20Cumbria,%20England.jpg
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    Bath was absolutely gorgeous. I'm very upset that I didn't have a chance to get to the Lake District. It was out of the budget at the time since I was staying in my girls dorm room at the University of Bristol.
  12. The Lake District is probably my favourite place on earth. it's a shame the "mountains" aren't very tall.
  13. at least you dont live in holland
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  17. the lake district is in a county called CUMbria
  18. It's one of the few reasons why i'm proud to be a brit
  19. its something that i miss in the netherlands <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  20. EsSEX olol
  21. grow up
  22. ugh i want to go to the lake district now and take lots and lots of pictures
  23. im going to the beach on sunday. gonna take a shitload of pictures. cant wait.
  24. Berlin is the best city I went to, IMO. So full of culture and intelligent people, that I had more deep conversations in the laundromat over the course of two weeks than I do normally in a year.

    Plus endless parties and raves everywhere, cars, beautiful parks, cheap food.

    And yeah train is the cheapest/best way. Personally I prefer bicycle, but thats probably not an option this time of year.

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