its uglier but better

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  1. this car is AMAZINLY uglier than the r34 but it will beat it...<!-- Signature -->
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    who cares?
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    The R34 has its own style, and personally I LOVE IT!!! So i have no idea what ur talking about, the Skyline is the most respected vehicle out right now in my opinion but if this car doesn't get a face lift from this concept, and i mean a big one, there are going to be a LOT of people who aren't going to be too happy(just look at the posts!!!).
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    i think it looks pretty good 2
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    You said its uglier than the R34? So, r u implying that the R34 was ugly? Coz if u r, then something must be wrong with ur vision! Yes, i personally think that nissan shoulda made the R35 concept better- looking that what is shown right now. But saying the R34 is ugly is blasphemous!
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    I think this car looks great.
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    Shut up he never did.
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    this car is good, not great but its good

    now quit all your whinging its not the final product

    whinge once but after that shut up, whinge more when the final design comes out if it is shit
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    This should be in production pretty soon, I give the latest 2006
  10. Needs a bit of work

    I think the front angle looks good. It might need a bit of a facelift though and it will take a while for every1 to get used to the rear end look. It looks like it was hit by a truck at the back...

    No doubt they'll be the obvious changes if this is released

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    Will I have to admit this car really looks different in person
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    this car looks perfectly fine the way it is.
    i actually prefer it over my R34... maybe it's just the color i picked it in.
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    would love to hear bout your r34...

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