JAC (Jianghuai) Vision

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by F50Fanatic, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. well, slowly they are getting better, still not good. Maybe in ten years they´ll make something you wont look like an arse driving on the road.
  2. That looks awesome
  3. The profile is a cookie-cutter Eclipse, and the cookies are shitty. But the front actually looks pretty good in my opinion. Though the tweaked 350Z headlights are too large. That front design could be modified to be very, very nice.
  4. The entire profile screams 350. Rear lights, front lights, wheels...
  5. Pontiac G6
  6. What's the engine? Maybe a 1.0 liter straight 3... ;P
  7. No it doesn't... at all. Unless you mean 350-Mitsubishi-Eclipse-Minus-350. And the wheels don't look like Nissan wheels, they look like Volks or some other tuner wheel (I realize Rays makes the Nismo wheels). I also notice it has Project µ brakes.
  8. Actually I think you're right. From what I heard, it uses a 52hp 1.0l SOHC I3 pulled directly from a 1990 GEO Metro hatchback.
  9. what is it with Chinese car design and proportions? did they go to different schools or something? this looks like a 350Z stretched out, and then pressed down at the top part of the hood with great force. but still, I take my hat off to them for trying to come out with at least half original designs and putting it to production, rather than to go the safe japanese saloon look.
  10. The funny thing is that it looks better than any amerikan sedan.
  11. i actually faintly lol'd and i dont do that often
  12. looks good, no doubt looks are the only thing going for it.
  13. i first thought it was a japanese, more bling-ed up version of an Opel Tigra

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