Jeremy Clarkson bought a Gallardo Spyder

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Homero, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. what's the car in your avatar? reminds me of a Bentley
  2. F E R R A R I
  3. "and God knows how many very expensive orange watches."

  4. not in performance and sound..
  5. I wonder what color it is.
  6. YES.
  7. F430 also has racing heritage and a better interior!
  8. no
  9. what other cars does he have?
  10. well he he did say he only has 1 car
  11. pics of F430 interior? never noticed it.. it is like the enzo?
  12. SLK55 AMG, Volvo XC90, AM V8 Vantage, LandRover Defender. Including his wife's.
  13. When did he ditch the GT? kind of silly to buy a car, give it back, buy it back, then get rid of it again.
  14. Good for him.
  15. lol.......... after the review he gave it
  16. I would take any Gallardo over the 430
  17. He's Clarkson.
    He can do whatever he wants.
    Including kill you with his fingers.
  18. It broke down *constantly*, and I can tell you because I live near him, that car isn't made for the roads around here. It's far too wide and far too low (roads here being frequently narrow and bumpy). I think he also had issues with the 'bonging' noise some American cars seem to make whenever you do anything in them.
  19. Don't forget the mk.1 Ford Focus.
  20. The alarm broke often I know. but where did he say he got rid of it a second time?
  21. im waiting for FNAF to post.
  22. He's banned, you arsetralian.
  23. Ohh yeah, I forgot he re-bought it. I've got no idea whether he still has it or not, I read most of his output and haven't heard anything about it for a long time.

    It wasn't just the alarm, though. The GT had a tendency not to start.
  24. I thought it was an SL55 AMG...
  25. He sold that one ages ago. Then, after he bought the GT, he acquired the SLK.

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