Kills the STI?

Discussion in '2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR' started by raca4life, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Now that a slick 6spd manual mated to a slighty improved engine will allow it to keep up with an STI, the Evo MR is a serious car to contend with. The already superior handiling is made sharper. If I had 35K I'd get one now.
  2. read the 0-60 5sec flat....the olny ting wrong with the sti is that it has very slow steering and little feedback through the wheel. + ti is kinda harder to wip out into a mad powersilde...just testdrove one about a week ago and test drove a new Evo about 5 months ago... the evo is i would giave the evo a 7/10 and the sti a 9/10
  3. good comparison, i wud go 4 the evo as the scooby is common and the evo looks better
  4. Kills? I wouldn't go that far.
  5. id get the STI simply because of warranty issues.... as far as i know the Evo has no warranty on its crazy complex drivetrain. sti does... and mitsu trannies dont have a rep for being all that great. sti is still faster though and didnt need to put out a stripped version to keep up wih anything
  6. The handling on the STi has also been recently approved. I don't know if it is out yet but yeah the latest model that either just recently came out or is coming out has an improved Diff and adjustable power delivery to each wheels.

    Also aftermarket support for the Subaru is alot greater. Although if you have the money bother are just as good for aftermarket support.

    So basically it is upto what you want. I would go the Evo but if I could get a Subaru WRX Type 25 in Australia I would go with that.
  7. i would go for the subaru for more power and the ability to divide how much power is going to the wheels through the knob on the dashboard. plus it looks better. the blue with gold rims kills
  8. #$%# tha police
  9. Did anyone read the comparisson in last months Motor Trend? The cars are practically identical in every performance test, the Updated STi being being the better street car, the Evo MR best on the track.

    My personal preference: The Evo MR...Just because its a Mitsubishi, and just looks a helluva lot faster than the STi...Plus, it is more my style, best suited for the track.
  10. lets just wait for subaru to come out with its new version of the sti. but im my opinion, any subaru beats all the mitsubishi peices of shit, just because mitsus are junk.
  11. I'd definitely go for the STi.

    Better performance for the type of roads I prefer.

    Better looking

    More comfortable for daily driving.

    For the "slow" steering, with a greater power bias to the front wheels, the STi behaves much like a FWD, in that if you don't transfer the weight, or brake hard at the right moment, it suffers a fair bit of understeer. Understeer is easily compensated for.

    I dunno about the handling being superior, the Evo's rear end feels kinda awkward when you're turning in, power seems restricted by the rear electronic LSD. Seems like you're working hard against the rear-end every time you want to make a series of quick turns.
  12. Both cars are very close.

    The problem with the STI (my own test drive)
    1. Noise-all those boxer 4 cylinders sound like crap. Not very well balanced and sound is inportant to me.
    2. Feels like an old nissan pickup when you press in the clutch like the engine is moving away from you.
    3. Feels like a FWD car coming out of a corner at times. Front wheels slipped a little now and again.
    4. Bad intercooler placement but has good spool up.

    I havent driven a EVO yet but ive heard its much stiffer and more of a track car. It also voids warranty if you take it auto crossing. EVO has a strong engine and easy to mod. But its still a mitsubishi which make some crappy parts.

    I would choose the EVO tho b/c there are too many STI in my town

  13. Mitsu's are p.o.s? i dunno about that, i have a 87 mighty max, i beatin a few sti's, from stop light drag racin to out cornering.ive beatin one evo but it was a stock GSR.
    and im sure the reason i won these was becusae of idiot drivers who cant drive. but my point remains. and have you guy's seen the the british show Top Gear, where they tested both the sti and the MR, hell they even put the evo Mr against a murcielago, the lambo couldnt loose the MR for shit.the lambo even had a pro driver i believe was in DTM, mikka hakinen.and the one of the host drove4 the MR.but back to the MR vs STi, the did hot laps with both cars, the STi improved on a few thousands faster over the older versions, while the MR improved several seconds over the previous model.

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