LancerVance is a douche

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dahldrin, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. OK dahldrin,,, i've got my theory on you. Your a little dude with a smartass mouth. You probably got picked on a lot in elementary and highschool and you see me as one of those kinds of people. You think I'm a meathead bully, but what you dont understand is that i was the exact same thing till about grade 11, when i grew 4 inches and started working out.

    You've gotta learn to put the hate behind you dude, otherwise your gonna go through life a very angry man. Anger leads to stress which leads to high blood pressure which leads to heart attacks. So relax, have an herbal tea, get on facebook and track down that dude from highschool who shoved your head in a toilet. He's probably sorry for what he did.
  2. Haha, I don't actually dislike you, though I think you can be a little... off... sometimes. I only made this thread because of your comment in the Ryanator thread that this is a clone of. You're just fun to pick on because you seem to take all of this a little too seriously.

    EDIT: And occasionally I was picked on in school, but I think most people were. Throughout most of school I was actually pretty popular, not that I give a shit about any of that now.
  3. Seems like a decent guy to me.
  4. I just remember him as the dude that passed out and smacked his head on a toilet or something.
  5. lol, I know someone who broke the toilet seat that way.
  6. yep thats me, blacked out in the washroom and cut my chin on a vase on the toilet tank. 6 stitches in my chin.
  7. I have good word from fillipo that he's pretty chill
  8. He is ok nothing wrong with him.
  9. you are ok nothing wrong with you
  10. Merci. Comment va? En forme?
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  12. Damn.

    And...I don't think you're a douche.
  13. If you say yourself you were popular,,, you probably werent.

    And how serious can I take this place? I make less then 20 posts a week.
  14. dahldrin's ginger cock banged all the hot cheerleaders looool
  15. I don't know you that well but I think you're cute and funny.
  16. ewwwww

  17. Alright. And I mean you take what people say too seriously, like your gaywad little rant about people saying they're "muscular" without posting stats and thinking this thread was serious and caused by pent up anti-meathead angst.
  18. He's an alright guy. There are signs of douchery now and then... but I got no probs with him.
  19. Btw, I wanna play you on COD4 again sometime. My skillz are ever so slightly better now.
  20. Dude, I haven't played COD4 in like three months (and any video games in over a month). I'd probably be horrible.
  21. That's good then, I'll probably have half a chance now haha
  22. I just take things at face value on the interweb, afterall, you are the sum of what you write.

    And I didnt rant about saying your muscular, I just said dont say it without a pic to back it up.
  23. Someone who's not even being a douche in a thread in which someone is calling him a douche probably isn't a douche.

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